LibreOffice tip of the day: Writing a book? "Master documents" let you manage large documents as a container for individual LibreOffice Writer files. More here:

Are you practising for this year's international village idiot competition or just high on glue or something?

First: you respect the work of others, cut down the arrogance.

Second: I cannot see any racist connotations, intentional or otherwise. But then again my conscience is clear on that front. Yours perhaps not so much.

Third: we are in Europe, parroting vacuous slogans from elitist US west coast universities does not impress anyone here.

Capisci anebo potřebuješ a fucking map?


I wonder about your reaction. It is in your usual direct style, but not upto your usual standards of fairness.

I think @frumble made a perfectly valid point, going by the link in his reply to you.

Hi @wyatwerp. I block very liberally on first sight to cut down on noise, there's bound to be some false positives and maybe this guy was one of them. Too bad.

That said, suggesting out of the blue that the #LibreOffice crowd are somehow racist, on the face of a perfectly innocent post and without further explanation is irrational and terribly disrespectful.

Bullies only thrive if you let them, there's no need to be nice to them.

@0 @frumble master can have multiple meanings and doesn't have to neccessary mean anything racist. i know there is a thing called "master and slave drives" in computer language, but this is not meant to be racist in any means. it's just so people can visualize better how things work. but who cares, apparently you'd think malware has to do something with epilepsy.

@koyu @0 @frumble If master was a racist word that would also make bdsm racist.


Could you give *one* example of #master having racism connotations?

One could perhaps argue elitism or classism but even that would be pretty far fetched and would take a very malicious reading of the LibreOffice announcement to construe it as such.

By Occam's razor I'm inclined to think whoever posted that is just a mindless idiot.

@0 @frumble
First: I'm grateful to all contributors to LibreOffice, I thank you very much.

Second: you responded in a very aggressive way

Third: I think we're all in Europe. I'd rather look at the content of message than it's origin. And I can't see how you made the leap from Maxi's statement to the west coast.

About the content: I see no problem in the naming scheme you applied to documents.


> I think we're all in Europe. I'd rather look at the content of message than it's origin.

Cultural context *is* part of any message and as important as the words themselves. It's the rhythm that goes with the melody, if you will.

> And I can't see how you made the leap from Maxi's statement to the west coast.

A brief but thorough summary of the phenomenon:

@frumble @libreoffice While Master/Slave lingo from PC hardware is debatable, in this context I don't see the issue.

It is a verb, as in mastering a skill. The word is not necessarily an antonym of slave, for example in a Master/Apprentice couple.

@frumble @libreoffice I didn't see the racist connotation here, but apparently you seem to be offended by them. Do you have better names then?

@frumble @libreoffice :happened:

I wish white people put half the energy of political correctness overreactions into actually ending racism
@l33tname very true but totally inapplicable in this context

Is Sega Master System racist? Is a MasterLock padlock racist? Is the Master Cylinder in your car's brake system racist?

It would take a gold medal in mental gymnastics to pull a racist connotation out of any of these

@feld no it's not but there is a argument to use different words for new things

@feld don't get me wrong there are things that are more important but we can and should improve in all areas

@l33tname agreed, but none of the aforementioned uses of "master" in this thread are new inventions.

@feld no but LibreOffice is a active project which could decide to stop using the term master and I think that is everything that @frumble has questioned

@l33tname so they should invent a new term to confuse everyone using the software in the office/writing/publishing industry? That seems unnecessary

If someone invents some new software that has some need to describe primary and secondary/tertiary/whatever roles it makes sense to consider exploring new terminology, but forcing a change in a long established industry where the term really isn't controversial in the first place is the kind of extreme behavior that leads to Republicans winning elections

I've used it in the past. It works fantastically well. 👍

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