Survey time! On what platform(s) do you use LibreOffice?

@libreoffice or E: all of the above. Libreoffice is usually my go to office suite for any platform.

@libreoffice I use the viewer on Android, sometimes. But it's mainly GNU/Linux. I've used it on FreeBSD in the past too.

@libreoffice It would be great to be able to choose more than one single choice ;)

@xerz "GNU Linux" isn't a thing, it's called "GNU Linux-libre" 😉

@bugaevc well, I need some way to call Linux with Glibc, it's either that or Glibc Linux

@libreoffice primarily Linux, but also via Collabra Office and Nextcloud.

@libreoffice should be multiple choice. Unisex both Linux and Windows. Mostly on Linux so that got my vote


And also on Windows (occasionally) because they charge money for Office and I don't use it enough to justify the expense.


(I mean, I'm glad LibreOffice exists and I recommend it to anyone who needs an office suite but that's almost never me.)

@libreoffice I use it on both Linux and Windows. Why would you put the plural (s) in there and then make it single-selection only.?That makes no sense.

@libreoffice everywhere. If there were a mobile version, I'd use that, too.

@libreoffice should allow for more than just one option :)

@libreoffice Although I've mainly used it on Linux, there have been instances where I used it (and sometimes use) it on macOS and Windows.

@tagomago @libreoffice I noticed that too. However, there are quite a few comments in this thread where people use multiple platforms. Thus, the results may not be completely accurate. However, I agree that Linux is where most LibreOffice users are. (Myself included.) 😄

@sudo @libreoffice

Not the first poll here where I've seen that, even for a specific OS usage question, G/L is overwhelmingly on top.

@sudo @libreoffice

Also for browser usage, where Firefox is also king. Let's call it the fediverse bias.

@tagomago @libreoffice I agree with you on that. I once held a poll about web browsers and it only got 11 votes. However, there wasn't a single vote for any browser except Firefox. 😃

@libreoffice I use LO on every device, and for everything. I do have MS Excel installed alongside it though, because it's sometimes needed for things.

@Flipp3rrr @libreoffice How did you get 'just' Excel? Doesn't it come with the entire suite? How do you use Excel on Linux? Is it through the web app?

FYI, I am just really curious. 😁

@sudo @libreoffice I use Excel on macOS only. I installed *just Excel* by simply installing the full office suit, and then deleting everything I didn't need.

@libreoffice I use LibreOffice at home on Linux (Solus and Peppermint) and at work on Windows (8.1 and 10).

Linux and Windows. Was using LibreOffice Viewer for Android, but seems abandonned (?), so I've installed Collabora Office instead.

GNU/Linux and Windows. And if you develop a LibreOffice app for Android, this too ;-)

Thanks for the info. I'm going to try Collabora Office just now :-)

@libreoffice I don’t know about the android version but the iOS version is horrible. Keyboard support is abysmal, text selection doesn’t work like any other app on the platform. Doing basic operations is so non-intuitive that I’d rather use pen and paper (for me, that’s saying a lot).

@libreoffice Would love to use it on iOS, too, though…

@libreoffice Especially Base. I’d love a good general-purpose DB on iOS…

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