Quick survey: Which component in LibreOffice do you use the most?

@libreoffice This is a tough question! I use Writer and Calc a lot, I think I get the most use out of Calc though. Its a much better spreadsheet than excel.

@libreoffice libreoffice is pretty good, it gets the job done, although its somewhat bloated.

@libreoffice Draw.

It took me long to really try it, but now it's invaluable for mindmaps, software architecture overviews or even mocking up UI/webpage designs.

@libreoffice I teach so I use #LibreOffice Impress for all of my presentations. Thanks for making awesome poll I could participate!

Would be good to have a "lite" version of Writer (and or the others) as I don't use/need most of the features in my everyday use.

@Horizon_Innovations @libreoffice

But actually they are all in one single executive, just with different components. And -- other components you don't use won't cost you anything except a few disk spaces.

On Debian Linux I can install just the writer, or base or the lot. I suppose I could just not have the items show up in the menu. Although, quite often some items are loaded into memory so they're quick to use. Having a lite version would be more efficient. Just because the memory space is there doesn't mean it should be used!

@libreoffice Writer, but Impress comes second by a short distance. Draw and Calc share the third position.

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