Calling all teachers! LibreOffice is a great choice for schools and education – it's free and open source, compatible with Microsoft Office, and you don't have to worry about license fees, subscriptions or software audits. Learn more:

@libreoffice is the UI in that screenshot the default now? It's still the standard toolbar for me

@libreoffice This is a really early, draft-quality pre-beta UI, right? You're not actually going to release it like that, right?

... right?

@solarkraft This is the optional NotebookBar user interface, which has been available since 2014. It's not enabled as standard. If you're not happy with, contribute back to our design community and give them a hand!

It's Better than ms office in a number of ways - and i've installed open/libre office in smb's for many years now.
Many business' with MSO can't open docx still - and they don't know why (!). Libre Office doesn't have a fluid UI to confuse you (ribbon). It actually adheres to all of the open doc format. Free in both senses-free beer and free speech.
Most important to me: after over 20 years, I'm really comfortable with it! ;-)

@libreoffice few days latter I'm going to start my career as assistant teacher in Gov. Pri. school. I use #libreoffice since the very beginning of its birth! I will try to use it in my school.

@sagir42 glad to see this message at Mastodon and I am also trying the same to my people.


@libreoffice LibreOffice is so good, documents made on it tend to look better than word docs since their default style has gotten super stale.

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