Don't pay for expensive PDF editing tools – use LibreOffice Draw! Since LibreOffice 6.4, it lets you consolidate (join) multiple text boxes into a single one, which is great if you've imported a PDF and the text content is split up into lots of chunks:

Uuuh, schaut euch an, was Libre Office jetzt kann! Man kann damit jetzt PDFs bearbeiten! Muss ich gleich mal ausprobieren :> (^ Toot obendrüber) @libreoffice

@libreoffice This is a false statement and I would like that a serious project like LibreOffice avoid to fall down in such silly claims.

LO Draw is unable to handle printing PDFs, and to manipulate those PDFs there are, unfortunately, very expensive and professional tools able to handle all the necessary aspects (colors, sport colors, trapping, colors angle, pdf printing specifications).

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