Check out some of the new features in LibreOffice 6.4 – released today – in our video:

@libreoffice could you also upload your videos to peertube? That would be great!

Please change the intro. I like libre office, but the intro is just so bad.

@vitSkalicky Hi! The intro was made by volunteers. If you don't like it, why not volunteer to make another one? You can contribute back to the community that gives you a completely free office suite 🙂

@libreoffice Hmm, I am no designer but I might give it a try. Hopefully soon.

Anyway, I think that *just the LibreOffice logo* with text would be better, because the current intro does not give a good first impression IMO.

@libreoffice Das ist ein Beispiel für #IloveFS, denn ich arbeite seit vielen Jaharen schon damit un vermisse das andere da nicht ;-)

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