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@libreoffice Have you thought about bridging to other platforms like Matrix and IRC?

@swedneck We do that already, for some platforms – for instance, the QA IRC channel has a bridge to Telegram 👍

@libreoffice Nice! Maybe consider bridging to matrix too? 😉

@swedneck Yep, definitely worth considering – although we have limited resources. If anyone wants to help our infra community, that'd be awesome:

Is this the matrix channel that was bridged by libreoffice?


@libreoffice Please stop using and promoting commercial centralized services.

Threema is not part of the solution, but part of the problem. Like WhatsApps, Signal, etc. these are centralized and prone to surveillance.

Only decentralized systems are a solution: XMPP and (maybe) Matrix.

@kirschwipfel I see your point, but we have to reach out and talk to people where they are. We could completely close ourselves off from Twitter, Telegram etc., but arguably we'd lose a huge base of potential users (and contributors!) We are trying to do more with platforms like Mastodon and Peertube, but if we want to grow as a project and community, I think we also need to reach out to people on other services, even if they're not 100% open...

@libreoffice In this post you are promoting Threma. There is no mention about other, free platform. only Threema.

Not only you are not promoting free platforms - you are not even mentioning them.

How should people ever learn, there are alternatives to surveillance capitalism, if even organizations like the LibeOffice conceal alternatives?!

If you care about our free, democratic society, take your responsibility serious and stop promoting surveillance capitalism.

@kirschwipfel Where are we promoting Threema? We're not even on Threema...

@libreoffice @kirschwipfel
Dude, it's Telegram they're talking about not Threema. And Telegram IS libre software.
Yes decentralized networks are good but this doesn't mean that all centralized services are trash.

@Kcchouette @libreoffice

Ups, I mixed up Threema with Telegram. But this does not matter in regard to my argument: Telegram is is not a decentralized platform either.

@arh : Open software is not a sufficient criterion. For avoiding surveillance, decentralized systems are a precondition.

@kirschwipfel @Kcchouette @libreoffice

Even decentralized systems can be used for surveillance. Decentralized just means not all users gather around in one place. Data is stored somewhere anyway.

It's privacy policy and threat models that are important for your privacy not being centralized or not.
@arh @kirschwipfel @libreoffice > And Telegram IS libre software.
Telegram is not libre software. Only clients are open sourced (and it's a weird open source, because the last stable 5.12.1 sourced are not available)
@Kcchouette @kirschwipfel @libreoffice

Yes. Client is libre software. You are using the client. The client handles the connection protocols which are not invented by Telegram but is developed. And they explained the ways you can use these protocols. So it is libre software.

Your freedom of use, distribution, share, and adopt is guaranteed. It's libre.
@arh @kirschwipfel @libreoffice
> Your freedom of use, distribution, share, and adopt is guaranteed. It's libre.
How can I use Telegram on my server? Seems I can't because the server part is not open source.
@arh @kirschwipfel @libreoffice libre software is a software where you give FULL control of the software. It's not the case of telegram where the main part of the software (the server) is closed source and maybe contains backdoor.
Moreover, group chat are not e2e encrypted, meaning all part of the encryption is from server part
@Kcchouette @kirschwipfel @libreoffice

Telegram gives you full control. You can whether use their server or modify the app to connect to another server.

The server is not closed source. It's just configured to respond to specific API requests. Telegram did not invent the server. Telegram just configured the server. I don't know why you don't understand this.

Encryption is apart from the server. You're right. But this doesn't have anything to do with freedom of software.

>You can whether use their server or modify the app to connect to another server.

This is not true, since the server software is closed-source and proprietary.

Telegram is operating a centralistic infrastructure and this is the gateway to surveillance.

@libreoffice @Kcchouette

@Kcchouette @kirschwipfel @libreoffice

You can use it when you install the connection protocol on your server. It's possible. As I said, the protocols are not invented by Telegram. Telegram just developed it and configured it for their own use.

And, also, Telegram apps are configured to connect to a server. You can reconfigure the app to use your own server. You're free to do it.
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