Love LibreOffice? Want to help spread the word? And do you speak another language than English? Give us a hand with social media around the world – you can build up valuable experience too!


@sadmin We need help maintaining social media channels in other languages! We think it's better if native speakers do it, rather than trying to use automated tools, but thanks for the pointer 🙂

Ok so you have 2-5 status updates per day, want to translate each of them into >5 languages and then toot it under language-specific accounts. I might be biased, but as a dev, I would go the automated way ;-)

* Create a mastodon bot, that takes your english toots
* Buy quota from a translate api, they might have special plans for an OSS project
* Bot posts translated text in each account

@sadmin Thanks for the ideas, but we still wouldn't understand responses – we'd have to translate those too. Rather than having automated accounts to which we can't respond, we'd rather build a community of real people in multiple languages/locations who can interact with users :-) Already we've had lots of people come forward, around the world, offering to help, so let's see what we can do! 👍

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