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@libreoffice "do you have a moment to talk about free software?"

@Sunseille @libreoffice Thanks for your worlk. I would like to learn more about about this "great productivity". Using #msoffice (2010) at work & #libreoffice at home I still see a difference on day to day functions like format transmitted etc. I would enjoy a channel/mastodon account that helps to with these issues.

@nurinoas @Sunseille Hi, you can always ask questions on our community assistance website: – Or if you have feature suggestions, put them as requests on the tracker: – But please remember, LibreOffice is a volunteer-driven, community open source project. New features and improvements don't just happen by magic, so the best way to make the software better is to dive in and help the community, or fund a dev to work on the things that matter to you!

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