Control your LibreOffice presentations from your smartphone! Our community has released a new version of the Impress Remote for Android, with various fixes and updates:

@gadonias @libreoffice @fdroidorg

If you want to control Libreoffice Impress presentations, then f-droid already has the "Impress Remote":

You could also install kdeconnect from f-droid and use that to control the presentation using your phone.

@abhas @libreoffice @fdroidorg Thanks. I know Impress Remote is available at F-Droid, but the last time the app was updated there was 2015. That's why I'm kindly asking them to also update the app on F-Droid.

Building apps for the F-Droid repository is usually done by the F-Droid team, if I'm not mistaken.
@libreoffice @fdroidorg

@erAck @libreoffice @fdroidorg Thanks, I didn't know that. In this case, let's see what's going to happen, they're already tagged in the thread anyway.

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