LibreOffice is getting some great new features thanks to Google Summer of Code students. Here's Muhammet Kara explaining more at a recent event in Ankara, Turkey:

@libreoffice LibreOffice and Google?!? Really? Already afraid of those features ‘thanks to Google Fucking Summer of code’... Please. Do. Not. Trust. Google! Especially when they are giving away candy for free.

@libreoffice instead of using social media so frequently, libreoffice should update its Android app frequently. So many users have commented on Google Playstore that your app fails in opening documents created using the same app. And the app has not been updated since 1 Feb 2018.

@anupverma When you say "LibreOffice should" do something, who exactly do you mean? LibreOffice is not a company or a person – it's a volunteer-driven, community open source project. You can't force volunteers to do things you want.

You get a complete office suite, completely for free, thanks to the hard work of volunteers around the world. If you really want more, why not contribute some time or funds back to make things happen? Otherwise, complaining on social media achieves nothing...

@libreoffice Hmm, you are right! Then, the community should remove the app from Playstore if it does not work.

@anupverma There are ongoing discussions in the community about what to do re: LibreOffice Viewer. An update with various bugfixes is due to be released soon, though. But as mentioned, the community has limited resources – the more help we get, the better!

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