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@libreoffice our company tried LibreOffice for years, but now MS Office is installed in every company laptop and LibreOffice is just for legacy documents.

- A lot of bugs (freezes, memory hogs, every day somebody yelling to their screen, etc)
- Lack of compatibilty (other companies using MS Office, big ass excel files, complex docs with another docs embeded, etc)

might've been tempted to say the same about 3 years ago myself... now it's just some in-house legacy software and some institutional inertia that we need ms for

as for compatibility, i've never had any real problems in the past couple years but i'm just glad i'm in a field that's crawling with technical illiterates so that half the time people ask for a fax or flattened pdf anyway

@carcinopithecus our company sold his ass to MS after years trying to use only open source tools.

Now we have office365, outlook, Teams (some kind of Slack with addons), and 1tb on onedrive per employee.

I don't say is bad or good, it's their data, not mine.

And we had Win10 already which is the worst adware OS ever made. So, if they don't care, I won't either.

I even tried to use LaTex years ago, LOL.

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