LibreOffice tip: need to move a paragraph in Writer? You don't need to cut and paste – just use this keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Arrow up/down (on macOS, replace Ctrl with Cmd)

@libreoffice ctrl alt < > arrows change work spaces in lxde too, I tried ctrl-alt up /down arrows and it doesn't work, using libreoffice 5.2 under Debian 9.

Depending on how your work spaces are arranged then you may have the same problem as @Jan Ulrich Hasecke

@obrow @libreoffice
Even in gedit, Alt-arrow moves the line (or selection) up and down.

@libreoffice Unfortunately, on many Linux desktop environments, this only changes the workspace :/

@libreoffice Wonderful! How did I not know this. (Works great in Openbox so long as the shortcut is not used by something else.)

@libreoffice It appears to be that perhaps what needs to happen is when you open Libreoffice you and gain focus on the application any keybindings for the OS are over ridden, in a similar way to what happens with virtual machine manager, there is then usually a way to switch back to the OS.

In the case of virtual machine manager it would allow me to load up say an application and use crtl-c to quit within the virtual machine.
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