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Call for a Libre Web Content Creator 

"In a world where software influences virtually every single aspect of our lives, Free Software is a precondition for a free society."

Read our Interview with Reinhard Mรผller:

and then join him as a #supporter:

Good news for the #fediverse: The mobile API from @pixelfed (the Instagram replacement) is finally live on flagship site Apps like @Tusky or @fedilab can post fotos to your pixelfed account. A native pixelfed app will follow.

Call for a Libre Web Content Creator 

The last post was actually an ! Hello everyone ๐Ÿ˜

Ciao a tutti siamo una pagina Italiana che promuove!
Un sito appena nato che diffonde guide per alternative etiche al software e articoli che parlano di etica e privacy.

Hello everyone! we are an Italian page that promotes!
A brand new website that diffuses ethical alternatives to software and spreads articles related to ethical and privacy topics.


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