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Call for a Libre Web Content Creator 

Hello everyone!

We are building a website to create and share guides on Free Software.

Do you like Photo Editing, Web Design and Free Software?

If you feel like sharing Free Software is important to you and you are good at photo editing with GIMP/Krita/Libre Editing Tools?

Write us please!!!

Boosts appreciated! 😍
Thank you!

The Risks of Proprietary Software: TikTok

- 37.70% of known ip addresses linked to TikTok that were found inside of APK sourcecode are linked to; a Chinese sanctioned ISP located in Hangzhou.
- Alibaba’s privacy policy states that they share and distribute personal information of itsusers

Per dare un’idea della sicurezza di Signal basta pensare che è l’applicazione di messaggistica preferita da Edward Snowden che dichiara di usarla ogni giorno.

#signal #privacy #encryption #endtoend #snowden #android #app #chat #secure

Your Phone Is Vulnerable Because of 2G, But it Doesn't Have to Be

EFF, once again, explains privacy flaws and how to protect against them. We think 4G could solve the problem of 2G but, in fact, phone cells can always downgrade our connection to 2G

Sharing images electronically hasn't always had the immediacy that it does today... 😉

Reclaim your data and your digital infrastructure with open source instances:

Free accessibility tips from my wife, a professional UX designer who does a lot of accessibility work:

1. Keep your image descriptions short, simple, and descriptive. Try to limit it to a single tweet-length.

2. Don’t do both alt-text AND a visible image description. This will result in screenreaders reading your caption twice.

3. Use camel case in your hashtags.

What is free software | Tech Pills

A brief explanation on what Free Software means from one of our first Tech Pills.

Ethics first then software. Users respect first then service.

Do you know what Cell Site Simulators are? They are a privacy risk

A CSS is a device that mimics a legitimate cellular tower. Police around the world use this technology primarily to locate a phone (and therefore a person) with a high degree of accuracy, or determine who is at a specific location.

Facial Recognition with John Oliver

The great risk nowadays which we are underwriting ourselves, is the acceptance of an abuse, such as the tracing of our facial traits because we are frightened by social conditions.

Announcement time:

We now have our own Matrix homeserver, and it is running on hardware just like the rest of our online infrastructure! All our discussion/support channels have been moved to it as their main address.

Did I also mention it's open for user registration? 😊

Free Your Thoughts, use LibreOffice

Everyone knows ... really? perhaps all those on , but how many outside know how powerful this splendid program is?
In this guide we talk about it.

The Do-Not-Track Act of 2019

[...] All of these people are actively asking the sites they visit to not track them. Unfortunately, no law requires websites to respect your Do Not Track signals, and the vast majority of sites, including most all of the big tech companies, sadly choose to simply ignore them. [...]

È impossibile correggere gli abusi se non sappiamo di averli davanti
Julian Assange

It is impossible to correct abuses unless we know that they’re going on.


#julianassange #whistleblower #giornalismo #wikileaks #verità

Those who protest must protect themselves as much as possible!
The offers this guide in which it reminds protesters of some tricks to defend themselves from the technological point of view

What is a software manager | Tech Pills

Software managers on Apple, Microsoft and Android devices are proprietary software and perform unwanted operations besides helping to install or update software. In fact, they are concerned with profiling users by tracking what they download, use or start

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