And the winner is... the first/upper image won with a few more votes than the currently implemented icons. We'll now fine-tune this variant and involve the larger community in the discussion. Stay tuned!

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@mitcoes please file an enhancement ticket on our bugtracker to have a public discussion about your ideas.

@gloopsies you are welcome to discuss this with the designers on our Telegram/Matrix channel.

Exclusive sneak preview on Mastodon: Members of The Document Foundation can vote on the new application icon for LibreOffice. Want to become a member and participate in future polls?

Wow: "4904 people helped to triage 6717 bugs in the last 365 days."

Thousand thanks to everyone!

Just as many of FLOSS users, I too suggest Free (as in freedom) programs to my friends. One of the largest projects (aside from #linux) is #libreoffice. Now, they are all used to MS Office and when I showed them LO, they didn't wanted to learn a new interface and ended up not switching. BUT I have recently found out about the option in LO to change the interface to more MSOffice-like and I think it will make it easier for new users to switch.

View > User Interface > Tabbed

@avndp I avoid personal opinions and statements and try to use this account as the mouthpiece of the whole group. Individuals can change but the project will stay. But yes, I'm also active on other channels such as Telegram, Matrix and IRC usually under the alias htietze (full name is Heiko Tietze).


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