Exclusive sneak preview on Mastodon: Members of The Document Foundation can vote on the new application icon for LibreOffice. Want to become a member and participate in future polls?

@gloopsies @libodesign all design seems to be heading this way. just natural evolution of visual trends i think.

@gloopsies you are welcome to discuss this with the designers on our Telegram/Matrix channel.

I think the first two rows are the best.

I would like a finger friendly option for devices as the Steam Deck.

Such as (or any other similar way) nested icons - ideograms for the menu and in a vertical at the left of the screen (your right) row instead of the usual horizontal top one.

Hiding the column - as in Chrome modern design - or not by choice in configuration.

And also something similar for the Android version "Collabora office for Android" that in my opinion is the best Android Office.

@mitcoes please file an enhancement ticket on our bugtracker to have a public discussion about your ideas.

@libodesign I already did several times. It seems I have a rare opinion about how software should be finger friendly. But you are welcome to ask, again, for a public discussion, that never took place when I asked for it.

@libodesign I do not remember and I did not find it but I am on the mailing list since april 19

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