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technical details: Lets Encrypt attempted to mitigate their new root cert not being trusted on old devices by cross-signing it with their old root cert (details here but this broke old openssl, so we've ditched this mitigation ~jess (via kline)

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Due to fallout from Lets Encrypt's root certificate expiry (, some users may have had issues whilst trying to connect to us today. We think we've fixed the bulk of the problem now, but feel free to email us at if you still have issues.

@Sophira easy done, sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Glad you're back on the network.

Libera intends to extend the expiry time on inactive nicks. Previously, nicks that were inactive would expire at 10 weeks, at which point they could be dropped (subject to staff discretion) for re-use.
In 10 weeks, (4 Dec 21) we will double this to 20 weeks to expire.

You can read more in our blog post here:

We just crossed 100 man-days of accumulated staff on call time. Neat!

On libera, `/stats p` shows the list of staff who are available to support you. It can be a good port of call if you need staff specific help.

The fastest way is usually , but we understand that there are some questions that need an authoritative or privileged response.

Hey everyone. Our latest blog covering what we've been up to the last month is out. It covers some of the guides and docs we've been working on, as well as some behind the scenes stuff we do to keep the servers healthy.

You can find it here:

Hope you're all having a good weekend!

Moved the @mediagoblin IRC to Extraordinary work by the @liberachat staff to rebuild such important community infrastructure!

People usually consider IRC an online only medium, so it's nice to see us mentioned in the Real World!
Thanks to @fsf for the mention in this months newsletter.

Hey everyone! Libera has been running a little more than a month now. With the dust settled, we've written another blogpost looking at not just the what but the how (and how many) of what we've been doing.

@matrix welcome to the big leagues! Sending you all love from Libera, and all the best for working out a federated moderation strategy.

@FreePietje @jonn turns out raw policy diffs with no context are not a good format for communication, we'll be blogging with more detail and examples for stuff like this in the future.

@jonn this policy doesn't target grouped nicks on accounts that are otherwise ok.

If you have _ever_ used your account after it was more than 2h old, your account and grouped nicks will never fall under this policy.

@proactiveservices it's a literal grab of the global we sent out with an additional narrative section at the bottom - the intent wasn't to shorten for fedi's sake but to represent what we global messaged on the network.

We're introducing a nickname expiration policy change to help free up some disused nicks a bit faster than usual. It's called the "two week two hour" rule and it will start being enforced at 12 noon UTC this Friday (25th); see more here

If you have used your account at any point later than 2h after registration, this policy change does not affect your account or any grouped nicks.

Hey #awk squad: we're on @liberachat now, FYI. irc://

C'mon by!

Just went and registered my usual nick on #liberachat. I don't hang out on #irc very much, but it's a good place to go when you have questions.

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