@vikings @Liberapay Thank you so much - we don't make a big deal about our donations page, but they help a huge amount in covering our operational expenses and improving the resilience of the network!

@dmbaturin the vast majority of people moved to libera. Some moved to OFTC (another great free software IRC network), and some to other chat platforms.
Of the 20k difference, off the cuff I expect a good number are misconfigured connections you allude to, but we'll never know for sure.

There is probably some value in investigating what remains on freenode, but that's not a task libera is directly interested in.

@wolf480pl we came from nothing but the goodwill we held. We didn't import accounts, channels, projects, etc.
It would have been ethically and legally risky to have done so. In this sense, we came from nothing, other than the reputation of our staff and mission.
We don't intend to suggest that it's a complete history of libera and freenode, just talking about where we are 1 year on.

@wolf480pl we're just focused on the future, mostly.
freenode is dead and gone for us and there's little to talk about there that's helpful, is all.

Libera is a year old. Thanks for supporting us, because it's been a pleasure supporting you.


Hello and good morning,a critical vulnerability in the Matrix IRC bridge has been patched, deployed, and disclosed (see matrix.org/blog/2022/05/04/0-3 for details) and we will shortly be disconnecting all affected third party Matrix bridges we can find in the interest of protecting their users.

Original toot by Matrix folk:

thanks for the cooperation and stay safe out there, folk

@sj_zero @o0karen0o we try our best to support anything projects are asking for, matrix is one of these. It's not always easy, but we try

If people have suggestions, it's good to hear them.

I normally post identically on twitter as I do here, but I think this crowd doesn't need to hear this as much, perhaps (love you, fediverse):

I hear slack is down... perfect time to try out zulip? (Outreachy uses it!) Or meet me on xmpp or back on IRC at @liberachat? So many options!

Hello fedi. At last nights staff meeting we decided to update our privacy policy regarding data we keep to tackle abuse. Our updated policy is available at libera.chat/privacy/ , and you can see the specific change we made here: github.com/Libera-Chat/libera-

@tramtrist @joel *waves*
We don't post here an awful lot, but we do keep an eye out!

As this year slowly comes to an end, we wrote a blog post with a 2021 review: libera.chat/news/end-of-2021-r We wish all of you a happy holiday season and happy festivities if you celebrate, and all the best for 2022!

Hi everyone. In September we announced that we wanted to extend how long nicks lasted before become expirable on libera.

After the 10w waiting period, we've now brought this change into effect - nicks now only become eligible to expire (on request) after 20w.

If you missed it first time around, the blogpost was here: libera.chat/news/lengthening-n

@arivigo @hund not really sure what's up - I'm only just back after my weekend away. If there's anything that I can help with I'm available on irc (as kline) or via dm here.

KDE's 25th Anniversary site is LIVE! It contains all the information for activities, interesting facts, advice on how to contribute, merch, and much more!


Check back often! We are adding stuff all the time. #KDE25years

, one of our hosted projects and channels, just released 3.10.0:

"Python 3.10.0, the newest major release of the Python programming language, is out now! Get it here: python.org/downloads/release/p Highlights include: pattern matching, writing union types as X | Y, much improved error messages, and support for OpenSSL 3.0!"

@novimatrem tbh just waiting for the facebook socials intern to remix this with freenode and a certain billionaire for the bants ~kline

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