We're introducing a nickname expiration policy change to help free up some disused nicks a bit faster than usual. It's called the "two week two hour" rule and it will start being enforced at 12 noon UTC this Friday (25th); see more here

If you have used your account at any point later than 2h after registration, this policy change does not affect your account or any grouped nicks.

@liberachat Just a heads up - there's no need to use URL shorteners on Mastodon, as all URLs are counted as 23 characters. Also saves interested parties from third-party tracking.

@proactiveservices it's a literal grab of the global we sent out with an additional narrative section at the bottom - the intent wasn't to shorten for fedi's sake but to represent what we global messaged on the network.

@jonn this policy doesn't target grouped nicks on accounts that are otherwise ok.

If you have _ever_ used your account after it was more than 2h old, your account and grouped nicks will never fall under this policy.

@liberachat @jonn
I was just about to copy the contents of as the initial message was quite unclear imo and looking at the commit replies, I wasn't the only one.

What you said above *is* very clear 👍

@FreePietje @jonn turns out raw policy diffs with no context are not a good format for communication, we'll be blogging with more detail and examples for stuff like this in the future.

@liberachat good reminder to actually get back on IRC and chat with folks vs having a nick that never gets used. (guilty)

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