Hi fedi, glad to have some more news for you. Today we've launched our webchat and Tor onion services.

Webchat is available at:

And information on connection via Tor is available here:

Please note: Tor requires an existing account with CertFP/ECDSA challenge configured.

We know that these gateways, and Matrix, are a big deal to some projects, so I hope we can continue to welcome projects and hopefully we have news about Matrix tomorrow!

Doesn't the forced non-Tor registration kind of defeat the whole anonymization concept?

@phryk Tor IRC is a significant source of abuse, so SASL is required to make is usable at all.

I agree that having a first-use clearnet connection is really unideal, but it's a massive step up to only ever need to make 1 trusted connection, and from thereon be secure in Tor.

This is the same as the previous setup we maintained, and we're looking at implementing ways to close the gap, so please bear with us for now. Sorry we're not all the way there yet.


Yes it is indeed much better than no Tor. Web-based registration with (non third-party) captcha would solve the problem of the one needed non-Tor connection. :)

@phryk I'm really hoping we can one day do something like what hackint have, but we're a fair way off it yet. Thanks for understanding.

What is the reason for #Tor address if you require non-Tor registration to use it?

@Br0m3x Well, even things like GCHQs "full take" won't be able to be stored indefinitely. After some non-determinate time after registration, you'll be fully anonymous if you always used Tor for every following connection.

Also, every project is implemented in steps and @liberachat already communicated their wish of improving upon this.

Would you rather they would've waited with accepting *any* Tor connections until Tor-based registration is implemented?

To be honest after reading their #privacy policy I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to register via clearnet.
In this case I perceive introducing #Tor address only as cognitive bias, it means marketing bullshit to draw attention as a privacy oriented service.

@Br0m3x Which part of their privacy policy do you object to? Because I just read it and it all seems very standard for an IRC network with third-party data sharing limited to legal obligations…


@Br0m3x @phryk it's an incremental improvement. It's still valuable for those who can get a trusted connection once but then need to use IRC in an environment where Tor is advisable.
In any case, the hope is to close the clearnet hole at some point - as mentioned, perhaps something like hackints registration gateway.

@liberachat @phryk it's also similar to how Wikimedia/Wikipedia does their TOR connection for editors. Not ideal but sadly needed.

@Greg @liberachat @phryk unfortunately Wikimedia's TorBlock is worse. For that you have to create an account and then find a friendly admin/checkuser to give you IP block exempt permissions (they'll probably look up your IP to check you're not a sock) and THEN you can edit over Tor.

But...we're working on it!

@liberachat Can I just say thanks for actually engaging with the fedi as an independent thing, and not just piping your Twitter feed into this account and calling it a day?

Massively appreciated. :awesome:

@liberachat Thanks for your hard work. 💜
Looking forward to rejoining my old channels from the Matrix bridge.

@liberachat Can you tell what will be your policy about multi-bridging on Matrix side?

As someone who has communities split to IRC, Matrix, Discord, Telegram and Slack Matrix's bridging features have been a lifesaver. Multi-bridging works fine on IRCNet so technically it should not pose a problem.

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