I used K9s for the first time today to do some of my Kubernetes work. I love it. It's fantastic.

So that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 install is pretty bad huh. I read the stories yesterday but after trying to play the game tonight I can confirm. It's the worst in the history of game installers.

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When I started using it, we had Internet Providers, who gave us e-mails, chat rooms, news. Some of those were walled gardens. Some where somewhat free to enter.

Then those broke, people created their own communities in forums and such.

Now the gardens are bigger, but, still, what is Facebook if not a immense intranet? A humongous BBS?

Meh. I'm just sad for this state of things, how the little advance we had is almost gone.

It's just so sad.

This site is so cool. Everybody here is creative and geeky like me. I love it. The time I "waste" scrolling here is always productive and leaves me feeling better. Unlike that bird site that really is time wasted, and leaves me feeling crappy and like the world is full or morons.

Multipass however has become one my my favourite little tools for testing out ideas.

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So there's a popular thread on Twitter asking if there is a better tool than Google Analytics and so many mention Plausible 🥰

We don't do paid ads, we don't have affiliates... we grow thanks to the people who enjoy Plausible and who recommend us to others.

Thank you all! ❤️

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What a nice utility! Look at that, Boop helps you with a lot of the techie small things that can get in your way.

And there even is a Flatpak!


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The next phase of my internalisation project is to add a few more RasPis and build a little Kubernetes cluster, then add GoCD for pipelines, and probably something like RocketChat as I start my migration away from Keybase. Damn I'm still sad about Zoom buying Keybase. Fantastic software that is/was...

So this is weird considering I make my living with cloud software consultancy but for a product I'm building at the moment I wanted to keep everything internal so looked for alternatives to Trello & Github. So I've now got Restyaboard and Gitea up and running on my new Raspberry Pi and I gotta say it's awesome. 2 great open source alternatives!

I really love this place you know. Feels so much nicer than Twitter etc. Real community here of like minded geeks like me 😎 😂

Is there a laptop out there that rivals a Macbook Pro? I'd really love a Macbook Pro clone to run Linux on.

I am a big fan of KDE (4+ Plasma). But I was also a huge fan of Unity. HUD was the greatest feature. I was sad when they discontinued it. Gnome 2 was good at the time, Gnome 3 I just don't get on with. Just tried MATE and realised it's very much Gnome 2. Which is cool. I ran a bunch of others on old Netbooks back in the day too. Openbox was dope on #!. But I'm way out the loop these days. I bought a Macbook Pro few years back for work you see. Less time for distro hopping these days.

What's the best distro for KDE these days? I remember it always used to be openSuse/SLES. I actually used to have Kubuntu for many years at home without issue. Is there a new hotness?

Burned out from coding. Think I'm gonna install some Linux VMs. It's been a while.

Just discovered React Studio. reactstudio.com/ This looks really good. Can't wait to give it a try with my new app I'm working on.

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