Does anybody here work either partially or fully remotely? If so, how does that work for you? What are the benefits and drawbacks for you? Did you learn the skills for this position while in a fully office-based environment, or did you do much self-learning?

@lexservxyz it's more like a vacation) Office consumes life energy by itself, so on remote it's like relaxing

@odesa Thanks for your input. Does it feel strange not having to go into an office? Do you have more of a sense of slacking off? Have there been any issues with working remotely for you?

@lexservxyz As for me, I have issues like it's noon, and I don't want to work at all. In office I just have to push myself, or dive in internet. At remote, I can go for a walk, and return to work at evening. Or at night). So for me attending office now looks strange. As for problems, shared screen on video calls handles them all.

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