Finally tried out Fedilab but it has a really annoying bug. When I scroll down my feed, the 'Load More' button opens missed toots ABOVE where I am, meaning I need to scroll up to see what I missed. Think I'll stick with Tusky for now.

@lexservxyz That's not a bug. It should expand it so you can see it in chronological order.

@wizzwizz4 So it's natural to be scrolling down in chronologial order, click on 'Load More', which opens the ones you've missed above where you are, off-screen, meaning you have to scroll up and guess where the new posts start, then start scrolling down again to get to where you were?

@lexservxyz Down is forwards in time? Oh, then I agree: bug.

That's the same thing that keeps me from uninstalling Tusky.

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