Emojis work by default when using Talk, so that's a good bit of fiddling that is not needed.

Considering the ease of setting up the Snap, that might be an appropriate tradeoff.

Ah, looks like there is no way to get 'pretty URLs' using the @nextcloud Snap... That's a bummer. Understandable since it's not default behaviour of a manual install, but though it would be configurable at least.

All Nextcloud clients now able to login without error, although it does take a little while the first time. I'll leave it be for now. Now to find how to make 'pretty URLs' using the Snap.

Back up and running to the same point I was at before, but now no longer having issues with the reverse proxy. Bit of an effort bit I got there eventually.

Looks like I've managed to lose the password to my Proxmox install... Starting from square one it is then.

Been quiet for the past few days for some quality time with friends. Back to reality now. Having issues with the reverse proxy and my new Nextcloud Snap. Just need to play around with the virtual host on the landing server and see what works.

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Hardcore avoiders of Google/Facebook/Amazon/etc are the vegans of the computing world.

Liberapay and a Bitcoin address? Wouldn't actually expect anything but always good to have options.

One thing is for sure, I'll need to setup a way to take donations. This whole, 'making your own server' thing is expensive... Totally worth it, and glad I'm able to manage it, but clearly something that is out of reach for many.

Proxmox installed and now creating the main web server VM. Have documented everything so far, with a tonne of screenshots. This server will have the WriteFreely blog, the Dokuwiki docs and the Discourse forum.

Had to leave the other drive in diagnostics while at work today. That's them both done now and looking healthy, so backing up everything before wiping the old drives. Will no doubt forget something, but have the main stuff at least.

Might have got slightly over ambitious with my plans tonight. Only an hour left until the first drive finishes diagnostics, then onto the second... Ended up watching a couple Chernobyl episodes and organised music instead.

Have unfortunately had to boot into Windows to burn a hard drive health iso to USB since I can't make it happen on Manjaro.

OK, let's see how much of the server I can recreate in one evening. Firstly, need to test the new drives. While that's happening I can make sure Nextcloud files are stored locally.

Ah, looks like I bought the 'Component Boxed' instead of the 'Retail Boxed Kit', which is a good bit more expensive, so I'll keep these and get on with it. Bit confusing, but good to know now.

Drives delivered, BUT, they're OEM so no 3 year warranty from WD. Do I return and buy from another seller or just suck it up and hope for the best? They'll be in a raid1 anyways, so should be good if there's a failure.

Forever walking around with my fly open... Unintentionally of course.

New (hopefully quieter) drives for the server arrive today. Time permitting, I'll start my guide on installing Proxmox and creating the intial web server.

There are things I just don't want to see though, so if being part of the Fediverse exposes me to that, then I think I'd rather not. Call that whatever you want.
I have very strong political views but wanted a platform where all that could be put to one side and I could expose myself to topics that were of genuine interest.

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