That can wait a couple weeks till after I'm back from hokiday me thinks. Nextcloud instance itself is working fine.

Unable to SSH onto the Nextcloud server now for some reason, and the Proxmox web terminal doesn't accept special characters in the password. Fuuuuuuuu-

Does anybody here work either partially or fully remotely? If so, how does that work for you? What are the benefits and drawbacks for you? Did you learn the skills for this position while in a fully office-based environment, or did you do much self-learning?

Just switched on 'Animate GIF avatars' in Tusky and I'm in a whole new world.

Titbit of the day: There's an area of the United Arab Emirates which is an enclave inside Oman, which in turn is an enclave inside UAE.

Turns out I did end up getting a 27" 1440p (Acer KG271U) monitor and I am really liking it. Wasn't sure if it would make much difference upgrading from a 24" 1080p but it does. Very satisfying.

Have loved using Manjaro so far, despite the arrangement of my desktop over two monitors constantly changing on login. Don't have it in me to troubleshoot it since it's easy enough to fix temporarily. Makes for some interesting shit.

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Would love to make some screencasts for the users. Would anybody know of an application for Linux that lets you either record a video and annotate, or just annotate a pre-recorded video?

The Nextcloud VM script seems to be working properly now that is on the landing VM and not having to go through a reverse proxy. Have re-added all users and now to make some documentation, since none of the users are very technical.

Since I'll now have the NC server on the landing VM, I'll give the VM script another shot. It was being behind the reverse proxy that borked it. If that fails then a manual install.

Don't want to be fucking around with the server on my hard earned Sunday... Now I mentioned the server and what it should be able to do to a group of friends, I feel I'm more obliged to sort it ASAP.

Even with the manual install I'm still not able to configure it probably. Reverse proxy again causing the issues. Maybe if I install NC on the landing server, then have the blog etc on the VM behind the proxy...

More issues with the Nextcloud server and reverse proxy. Probably best to ditch the NC VM script and just go for a manual install.

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I hate that as a permanent resident I’m not allowed to vote but I can still legally donate money to political candidates.

This disenfranchises immigrants who can’t afford donations.

In their name and mine I just donated.

Anybody play No Man's Sky? Seeing great reviews for the latest update so tempted to pick it up. Seems like a nice game to play to chill out, but I would like to meet others in-game when I want.

Finally tried out Fedilab but it has a really annoying bug. When I scroll down my feed, the 'Load More' button opens missed toots ABOVE where I am, meaning I need to scroll up to see what I missed. Think I'll stick with Tusky for now.

Getting a bonus at work and letting my mind wonder to what hardware I want upgraded. A 27" WQHD monitor is tempting... Should really be sensible and save it though.

Spent the morning desperately trying to clone an SSD and failing. Tried DD, CloneZilla and various Windows tools unsuccessfully. Turns out the little device both of the drives are connected to *IS* cloning hardware...

My spelling isn't that bad, I promise. The spellchecker on my current Android has decided to fuck off, which ain't great.

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