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Good morning everyone and goats, happy Monday. And to all our veterans out there, thank you!

Actually, I left it for 10 minutes and now the speed is fine. Phew!

Shoulda known this wasn't going to be simple!

Router somewhat setup, but I'm getting horrendous speeds now. On a gigabit line apparently running at 9Mbps...

Either way, the new router arrived today! Will give it a go regardless but may be tempted to return it and stick with what I have.

Whereas, all I'm really doing is feeding consumerism and spending money I shouldn't.

Truthfully, I just enjoy buying new gear to play around with so never need much of an excuse to spash out, in order to think I'm doing something for the greater good in some way or other.

On reflection of my decision to replace my Uniquiti router, I'm now thinking this was a bit hasty and was made based on very little information. I'm too easily spooked when it comes to issues regarding security and privacy, and really need to work on that and do more research at the time. Maybe others here will agree.

Maybe more than a little hungover today... That is weekday drinking for you.

Due to a UK-wide 'all-hands' meeting, we had Happy Hour at work today. Took full advantage of the free beer, and now home sipping a Negroni. Feels odd drinking on a weekday, but fuck it! Might be a little hungover tomorrow but the interns can do some work for a change.

Went ahead and purchased a DrayTek Vigor 2762 router for the homelab. A bit pricey but I'm excited to try it out. Should be able to get something back from selling the EdgeRouter Lite, so all in all not too bad for something well suited for SOHO environment that doesn't phone home, at least as far as I'm aware.

Looking at Draytek hardware to replace my current Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite. Does anybody have experience with Draytek? Any issues, either with the hardware of the company itself?

For those of you who self-host in the cloud, do you take any additional steps for security than you would if hosted locally? If so, what do you do? Debating encrypting any instances on the cloud, but not sure if that's overkill or not.

Having a moment where I question my entire server infrastructure. I keep meaning to document everything but never do, so when it comes to look at how I've set things up, I can never remember what's what. Now I've totally forgotten how I setup the Ubiquiti gateway router...

I guess best thing to do is ask the internet and try my best to document everything this time.

Next question: Use gateway router to restrict open ports to webservers, or UFW, or both? Found out I'm using both, after having issues connecting to a specific port when I'd already allowed it via UFW, and thought I'd ask you lovely folk.

Does anybody recommend a particular reverse proxy? Using Apache's mod_proxy at the moment but it is very finicky, so would be great to find something a bit more intuitive.

Thinking it would be good to have a logo and profile pic made up for the site and Pleroma instance. Looks like plenty folk on the Fediverse that could help with that, so will do some investigation.

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