On Remembrance Sunday there was a car bomb at at the Liverpool Women's Hospital. It looks like some sort of Terror attack, people have been arrested. They went there as they were unable to make it to the Remembrance Service they were going to do it at.

And the first things you see people saying? "Well, that's what happens when you let that sort of person into the country!". Before anyone had any idea about who did it or why, the assumption was that it must be a Muslim attack.

This attitude makes me so sad and angry. Most Muslims that I know, including the two families in the street I live, are perfectly nice people. Just getting on with their lives as anyone else is. They say "hello" if you see them in the garden. The kids play with all the other kids in the street, they play the same games as each other. Why do we have to have this hatred for people because of such a minor thing.


@TinBee this attitude is also the motivation for terrorism. terrorist acts breed persecution which encourages extremism.

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