"I'm thinking to open-source my app, what's your advice?"

1. Becoming sustainable by relying on donations is tough. Find a better monetization method.

2. Think carefully about the license you want to use. There are risks associated with a permissive license.

3. Go for it!


@markosaric I like your model of opensource self hosted + paid hosted.

I know you're using AGPL, and I had a super quick look at your source... looks like all your subscription logic is included in your published source - in compliance with AGPL.

This seems somehow unfair for you. Like if someone wanted to use plausible for their own SaaS business they should at least have to write their own subscription logic.

I would have thought there would be other more ideal licensing options?

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@levi agpl seems to be the best open source license for these purposes at the moment. would be nice if there was something even better but it works for us as it is. i wrote more about this here plausible.io/blog/open-source-

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