Albany West Aus. Doesn't happen often but when we get the weather right it's magic.

This year I'd like to ride the Munda Biddi trail in West Aus. It's a 1000km cross country mountain bike trail.

Make no mistake, I have a lot of prep to do before an attempt - getting better gear and losing some personal "baggage".

yesterday I towed a trailer 500km and then reversed it into someone's driveway WHILE PEOPLE WERE WATCHING!

I know this is a sunday morning doddle for you manly men but this is a pretty big deal for me.

Any recommendations for open source audio player for android ?

Just want to play local audio files.

Have tried:
- Simple Music Player (frequently forgets playback position on pause)
- Blackhole (lots of bloaty spotify stuff I don't want, frequent crashes)
- and Odyssey (no scrobbling ?!)

Opensource preferred but happy to pay for something good.

I mostly listen to live sets downloaded from youtube, usually a few hours long. So I don't need album art or whatever.

installing security cameras at home. involves an unreasonable amount of crawling around in my roof cavity. it's... unpleasant.

ooh matrix resurrections is available online, like a christmas miracle!

just booked my 3x COVID booster like a boss!

I just set my vacation message.

"be back on 17 january"

So long and thanks for all the fish!

... aaand that's enough reddit for me again for a while

what languages are going to be the most prolific for ?

I mean is there going to be an explosion of client side libs for ? something else ?

In a training session hosted by zoom RN.

Apparently in zoom meetings hosts can disable "mute" for guest's audio settings?!

Obv. easy to work around but I feel like this is a violation somehow.

Like maybe don't require people to participate if the "training" is so value-less that people will want to mute it.

A pathetic attempt at forcing people to listen isn't going to address the underlying problem. You can't polish a turd.

sneaky email harvesting on this site.

The motivating-uncertainty effect means that we're more likely to act to achieve uncertain outcomes.

Actually NVM I just realised you can install CLI only from any ubuntu alternate installer which will probably be a great start.

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what's a good linux distro which is CLI only by default?

I really like samsung dex but there's no reason for me to use it regularly.

I never got zoombombed but I'll take my $25 thanks!

pretty good example of uncontrolled catastrophic growth.

I just completed "Dive!" - Day 2 - Advent of Code 2021

I did this in python! Haven't used python for... maybe 8 years, and even then had no clue what I was doing.

wow you can get a vaccination at woolies (grocery store) in Australia now. just went with someone to get their 3rd shot (booster). no queue, dine in < 10 minutes.

I cheated though and did it in a spreadsheet.

I'll have a proper go tomorrow.

At work I don't have a dev environment. What's a good quick / easy browser based nodejs environment I can use ?

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