I’m new here, and apparently an is in order, so here we go! I’m Graham, I work at Oxford Uni on free software (, I stream with @srbaker on GNUstep ( and Amiga (, and I blog at and Happy to be part of Fosstodon!

@leeg Have you heard of the covid moonshot? What is its condition now? Welcome to fosstodon. Here you can talk about hardware and software all you want.

@XxAlexXx some extra funding was announced last week: we’ve also got a new initiative for a Pandemic Science Centre, which overlaps the mission of so I’m a bit more involved on that side.

Welcome to Fosstodon. Things are slow at first but as you find people with similar interests and follow them, others will follow you. Create your bio, add an avatar pic and some emojis to your name so others can learn more about you. If you haven't, sending out an introduction listing your interests will help.

The custom emoji list is here:

Also see Kev's most awesome blogpost about getting started here:

Good luck and have fun.


@leeg @srbaker welcome here ! Hope you'll feel home on fosstodon ;)

@leeg @srbaker Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here. We're a happy little bunch

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