Technology leaders, CxOs and funders, please follow this simple process.
1. Write out your product pitch.
2. Append the following: “AITA?”
3. Answer the question as written.

I’m sometimes asked why audiophiles reject any evidence that humans can’t perceive the differences in sound that they claim to hear. The fact is that the act of disagreeing crisps up the mid range while reducing some wow and flutter at the top end.

Now I tried exec_push with respawn off and it also runs zero times. :-/

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if anyone has experience with nginx_rtmp_module, how do I make something happen once when a stream goes live (and bonus, something else happen once when it finishes)? I was using the exec_push config, and it caused a toot storm. I tried using exec_publish, and it ran zero times.

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Apologies for spamming the stream! I misconfigured the nginx go-live notification, it’s now better.

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Accidentally got frozen by incorrect configuration of nginx, asking support to unfreeze it now :-/

Testing madonctl to use for objc retain go live notifications!

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I guess I should have made an post. I'm Steven, and I do consulting and coaching specifically on FOSS license compliance, and helping teams deliver better software faster.

I stream with @leeg about GNUstep ( and Amiga ( I sometimes write things at

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A weekend of Vintage Computing livestreams from 2021 has just begun on their Youtube Channel.

Does anyone know news about @fosdem 2022 yet? I can’t even find out whether it’s online or in person, or any dates. The last time I took a train was for FOSDEM 2020, a couple of weeks before lockdown.

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#FDroid and all #android #apps we're shipping grant you fundamental freedom to: use, study, share and improve them. We want user to control their software, not the other way around. It's not just about #OpenSource it's about #UserFreedom.

Yesterday’s [objc retain]; episode is up on our mediagoblin replay server: //@srbaker

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