I’m seeing lots of posts today about how is tracking Android users via the SDK.

Is this really a shock to people? Like, really? This is Facebook we’re talking about here.

The answer is simple...delete your account.

And yes, I know it tracks even if you don’t have an account. So use a VPN, or don’t use that app.

Even if you don’t though, by not having a FB account you significantly reduce the amount of data they have on you anyway.

@kev I deleted my FB last Spring. Never looked back. I don't even miss it a little. It's been lifechanging for me to get away from FB and EVERYONE on it. Hard to say that about so many old friends, but I gave them other options to keep in touch. Out of 500+ people only a handful even bothered. So that what FB really is for all of us, a lot of fake friends who will voice their 2 cents on anything in your life, but not care even 1 bit about you.

@kev @lee8oi for some. For others, privacy issues aside, it's a pleasant experience. Same goes for twitter or any social network.


@rpcutts @kev It's a pleasant experience when you meet new people and fill your streams up with interesting things. But when you focus on people you know personally rather than by interest, you get quite a mess after a while. Especially if the association only happened to boost the profile or something.

One positive is being surrounded by like minded people, that's a relief.
@rpcutts @kev

@LPS @lee8oi @kev my Facebook feed is just friends and family minus anyone I find annoying.

@rpcutts @LPS @kev Mine was too in the end. Yet out of all of them, still only a fraction really cared about the same things I did or even really cared about me aside from expecting my presence in their feeds. But I'm certainly not intending to take a position that nobody can be happy on Facebook. I'm just simply stating what I've learned from years of being on it.

@lee8oi indeed. People often do what they think is expected of them rather than what is good for them.

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