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Because there's been some interest expressed regarding a Team Fosstodon on Folding@Home, I've created one. It's nothing to do with FOSS specifically, but it's a good cause. If you'd like to join, our team number is 240334.

It's nice to see a social community that's not constantly plagued by coronavirus posts. Us open source folks are used to keeping busy at home anyways eh?

Does anyone on here use Hughesnet for internet? Looking for insight into the QoS Function in the modem settings. Hoping to use it to better manage my bandwidth so certain devices don't take up a majority of the bandwidth while others don't get enough.

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Ikey Doherty (founder of Solus Linux) is up to open source gaming!

The entitled "Linux Badass" appears to have launched an open-source focused gaming / software development company.

After Solus he went on to work on Intel's Clear Linux project & now a new firm: "Lispy Snake" works on game engines and indeed games. Given the Irishman's experience, this firm will leverage open-source technologies.

==> lispysnake.com/blog/2019/10/20

Had to move again. Didn't have internet for a couple weeks. Got Hughesnet. Pretty much all there was available out here.

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Just re-upping this offer: because being comfortable with git is a barrier to entry to many FS/OSS projects, and because I care deeply about lowering those barriers, I will tutor anyone who asks for help with git, and/or connect them with any mentor(s) they might prefer.

I'll do this while I put energy and work into making the tool more approachable, and into making better tools and learning paths.

Boosts gratefully appreciated.


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I have a Coolermaster Hyper 212 CPU cooler and the fan was kinda cheap & noisy. Even noisier when upside down. Had to lay my tower on it's side. It burned out about a month ago. So I bought one of these Corsair fans. No regrets. This thing is very quiet and is working great. Cost me about $32. But so worth it.

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Got some C++ knowledge? Get some valuable experience helping out with a well-known free software project – LibreOffice! Here's what you need to build the source code and test your changes: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

If you have a Google account it might surprise you how much information they have about you and your habits.


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@kde offers an LTS version and users of @opensuse Leap know how good it is; Plasma 5.12 is so good, it will continue into Leap 15.1. Get the ultimate customization with KDE's Plasma 5.12 & Frameworks 5.55.0 - bit.ly/2ZxdDuz

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In Linux you'd still need root permissions to do anything critical. The trade-off might be speed of access to the USB.

Helping a friend get his Discord server going and offered to help build a bot for it. Suddenly I'm neck deep in Node.js.

But discord.js is making things easy.

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Tonight we will look at two topics on SwitchedToLinux:

1.) Microsoft is KILLING your eBooks! - and why I prefer to sell my eBooks platform agnostic

2.) AV Linux - Good for A/V Production or Not?

Join us at 6:00p EST


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