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is a space .

Endless Sky features many ships which are easily outfitted with a wide variety of utilities.

Engage in 20 ship space battles over 2 star systems, or travel the galaxy to establish a trading empire with Endless Sky.

Endless Sky also allows for you to fulfill transport quests if supply and demand calculations aren't your thing.

Website 🔗: endless-sky.github.io/

apt 📦: endless-sky

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Cleared all the KDE configurations in the user folder and relogged. Was quicker to start fresh than to figure out what they broke. But it worked.

rm -rf .kde4/ .config/kde* .config/plasma* .local/share/kde*

Updated Manjaro tonight. Massive showstopping memory leak in plasma shell causing the system to top out all my ram and some of my swap. That's without any applications open. System is unusable. Manjaro KDE users beware.

When I understood Linux better it came clear what he was doing back then. He was using the single user mode through the bootloader to reset the root password on his college buddie's computer. He logged in and set the screensaver to "Haha Thomas hacked your password".
I thought it was hilarious.

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I can't believe I've only just discovered

I was looking for an open hardware heart monitor and stubbled across this site . It's like my dream site .

For those interested

How I got in to Linux? Well. I originally discovered Linux in the late 90's when a friend of mine, who turned out to be a clever hacker, was suddenly hacking a computer password. I had a little exposure to Windows/DOS but I'd never seen any of the software that he used. It was pretty cool. Over the next few years I learned about computers and discovered Red Hat 6 then later Slackware 7.x. I was hooked ever since. I jumped over to Windows for games. But Linux was my real home. Still love it.

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Debian sends love and thanks to all the contributors and communities that build, create, and embody the principles of Free Software.

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Looking for a FLOSS alternative for reignited my interest in . If only I can convince my friends to use Movim or any other client. Anyway here is a short blog post of mine about Movim.


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[trimstray/the-practical-linux-hardening-guide: This guide details the planning and the tools involved in creating a secure Linux production systems - work in progress.](github.com/trimstray/the-pract)

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Two @opensuse Tumbleweed snapshots this past week delivered new versions of grep, VLC, @kde Applications and Frameworks, Thunderbird, wireshark and more - bit.ly/2UhLwwa

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Important APT security update - please read the instructions to upgrade APT safely debian.org/security/2019/dsa-4

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Looks like the new update brings a profile directory to make it easier to find people in topics you're interested in on your own instance. Simply add some to your bio, check the option in profile settings, and you'll be included! 😁


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The can look intimidating for people not to familiair with it, because of the large number of options and all the lingo.

I therefore wrote a guide for any user or that's (still) looking for an alternative social network in the .


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RT: @framasoft
Dear Google,
last monday, we released a Free, Libre, Decentralized and Federated video platform. It's a software *and* a network :-)

Today, we learned that YouTube was down for a few hours

We just want… t.co/ws95cxCd7j t.co/xeqoqytGMU twitter.com/framasoft/status/1

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