So Mozilla no longer supports a free internet...cya. :ac_exclaim:

@vete @lbetson There was a time they did but that was a long time ago.

@lbetson apparently, this is a true representation of the case.

@lbetson What happened with them? 😮 Would you have a link to some good article about it by any chance?

@lbetson yeah. I'm waitingto see what happens next. The good alternatives are very very slim

@lbetson What they did again?

And yes, their idea of free Internet is very... unfree. It is Mozilla Corporation now, not Foundation.
Yeah, what happened there most recently?
@jrmyj @cabellocarlos @dredstrauss @lbetson This is surprisingly not bad. I mean remove "deplatforming" part completely and these requirements for huge centralized platforms make sense.

@alex @jrmyj @cabellocarlos @lbetson isn't Mozilla referring to big media/social companies such as Facebook or public entities? I think that privacy for the individual is key, but big advertising platforms (FB) or government entities should be extremely controlled and supervised in benefit of the people 🤔

Capitol related, possibly controversial. 

The headline might or might not be representing accurately Mozilla's position on deplatforming.

It's not clear to me if they are advocating for ADDITIONAL measures to deplatforming or INSTEAD of deplatforming; The use of the word "more" in the headline is ambigous.

Suggesting only further transparency on the display hierarchy and source of their contents would be far less controversial.
@alex @jrmyj @dredstrauss @lbetson

Capitol related, possibly controversial. 


There's probably more typos there.

@jrmyj @cabellocarlos @dredstrauss @lbetson Yes, this is what I didn't like as well. The article itself isn't about deplatforming at all but headline suggests they highly approve it and want more of it.
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