Is there any #RSS/#Atom feed editing software?

RSS/Atom is just a file, so in theory I could upload that somewhere and people can just access it and keep up to date, rather than install a massive CMS system. I could hand write XML, but is there anything better?

I know it's 2019 and the tech giants have killed RSS/Atom, but damn it! We can bring it back!

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@wolfie @ebel RSS is THE way to read the news.

I use Newsblur ( btw.

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@lasombra @ebel I mostly subscribe to youtube channels and comics, I tried subbing to a news site years ago and it was ridiculous the number of feed items I got! If I want the news I visit a news site πŸ™‚

@wolfie @ebel didn't know you could subscribe to YouTube channels. I have podcasts, news sites, blogs and all sorts of stuff. I cannot live without RSS.

@lasombra @ebel yeah you can even export your subscriptions from youtube and import them all to the rss reader, which is pretty nifty! I did it when I heard they were going to start doing ~algorithms~ on the sub box , also I can save videos for later more easily in my rss reader πŸ˜„

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