Fancy upgrade:

Cat with steroids (or as they say, cat clone with wings)

Install bat and add the alias:

alias cat='bat --theme="TwoDark" --style="numbers" --color=always'

(you may play with options)

"e Foundation announces official support of microG development"

Looking forward to have more devices supported by /e/OS using the latest android available.

Some devices are still using android 8 with /e/OS, because of microG issues.

I'm doing my by sharing a picture of my home lab:

Despite the macos's, there's a fedora desktop, a centos 8 server, 1 /e/ os phone (flashed on xiaomi mido), 1 lineageos phone (flashed on a xiaomi whyred), a dd-wrt flashes on a tp-link router.

all around!


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