Great time to remember that your new network of choice doesn't have to fall between the vs debate.

In fact, if you represent a project, why not take this opportunity to self-host your own IRC support/development/misc channels? Sounds like a much better way to state your ownership of the project, with much more control as well.

@kzimmermann Or just go full Matrix so you don't need to worry about centralized networks anymore.

@cos yes, XMPP MUCs probably would stand up better from this model. And hey, everyone who uses IRC knows XMPP, right? even makes it a webclient straight in your browser.

@cos @kzimmermann not to mention #Matrix is just a far more modern protocol than #IRC to begin with, has federation, E2EE, and you can bridge it to IRC, Telegram, and pretty much anything else for users who don't want to switch.

If I was running a room for my own project I'd absolutely be using Matrix.

@kzimmermann "why not" is a pretty easy question to answer; it's a pretty big barrier to entry for end users. Almost anyone who is going to use IRC regularly is already constantly connected to Freenode/Libera and OFTC. Maintaining a whole new connection, registration, etc. just for your special snowflake project is a big ask.

That's why federated models work better.

@apetresc yeah, an XMPP MUC like some (poezio for one) projects do would probably be a better choice rather than another silo

@kzimmermann @LangerJan all the clients can connect to multiple servers. Running IRC takes next to no resources. Good, well-established Servers can be installed from packages with very little work. IMO making the Internet a more decentralised place is well worth the effort!

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