Daily reminder of the obvious for less-than-bright telcos: PROTOCOLS ARE NOT PIRACY.

Somebody makes a car, somebody else intentionally drives that car over a bunch of people. Telco logic: OUTLAW CARS.

Shit like this makes me want to everything in my hard drive, and my blog, too.

@kzimmermann also, "piracy" involves stealing shit on the high seas.

We need to make it clear to telcos and others that if sharing is a threat to their business models, it's not sharing that is the problem.

@rysiek @kzimmermann "piracy" is what we call "sharing" when the media's publishers don't want you to do it!

@kzimmermann @rysiek
Lest we forget: piracy is important for the right redistribution of wealth

@rysiek @kzimmermann I like how Doctorow calls this "felony contempt of business model". They want to make it a crime not to give them all the money.

@paco great article! I definitely need to catch up on more of Doctorow's writing' haven't properly read the man since I finished Content and Context.

Thanks for sharing!


@falgn0n @kzimmermann for example, the same that supports many of the instances of the network you just posted this on: crowdfunding a'la Patreon or Liberapay.

For more ideas about possible business models compatible with sharing culture, go ahead and watch Good Copy Bad Copy:

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