@kzimmermann When I got my first job and a laptop with Windows 10 installed, I was very much afraid of using Windows again since I only used Linux in Uni(very thankful for our CS dept). I went to my boss and asked if I could use Linux instead, he smiled and said, just make dual boot and keep the antivirus in Windows up-to-date :)
Turns out, he was in the same boat as me in his time.

@surendrajat hah nice one! So nice to have a manager that aligns with your values like this.

On the other hand, must've felt weird to have to keep up to date both an OS and a service that you never get to use :P but that's what Corporate bureaucracy is for, I guess haha:D

@kzimmermann yeah lol. That antivirus thing was a requirement from IT team but tbh I only did it when the IT team sent me email :D So no regrets. Also, it was a freakin ThinkPad. Who would want to use Windows on this beast? :)


@surendrajat wow, and you got a Thinkpad! Now I'm jealous haha :D

Also great thread to reference this timeless XKCD comic!

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