Great way to raise awareness of the problem with the modern web - and also lose a bunch of visitors in the process: add these 3 lines to your site's HTML:

document.body.textContent = 'Please disable JavaScript to view this site.'

On the bright side, those (few) visitors who do take the time to learn how do you disable Javascript (and why you should) will probably be forever changed by this experience!


@kzimmermann This is cutting the nose to spite the face, as any technology is what you make of it. There is well-intentioned JS as well as malicious JS.

There is nothing inherently wrong with JavaScript; inasmuch as there is nothing wrong with the C language yet we all hate malware written in C.

Stop using C? Stop using computers? What's next on the luddite race-to-the-bottom menu?

I hope I don't sound too harsh but in reality some of the FSF's reasoning is not at all reasonable.

@oedmarap hey, computers use electricity: have you seen how horrible death by electrocution is? We should ban electricity...!

OK, sarcasm over. I don't agree 100% with what they say either, and I know that Javascript is a tool in that sense, but just found it hilarious that you can take those "Please enable Javascript to view this page" announcements and turn it right around against them this way.

@kzimmermann It's actually the same argument I have for example against Gemini; which takes a deprecated subset of the HTTP spec and claims it's better because it's feature-delimited by design.

I always voice my opinion against organizations, concepts, policies, etc. if I disagree with them. 🧐

But just to be clear my response wasn't meant to come off as belligerent or ad hominem against anyone's choice to follow the principles of the FSF; some of which are fundamental to FOSS in my opinion.

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