After some wrestling with adjusting the right driver, goes graphical! :D

This is the beginning of a new world in Unix for me :)

For how it started, see:

@kzimmermann I installed FreeBSD on a server, I downloaded a cloud-init image. I spent long time trying to enroll with the company freeIPA and I haven't been able to. I agree with you, especially the documentation. I really amazed how everything is organized and I also agree that FreeBSD is oriented to servers.

I will try again but if I don't success to enroll to freeIPA I won't be able to use it. I have read all the documentation but i guess I have to read it again. Maybe I miss something.

@jrballesteros05 yeah, I feel that in FreeBSD there's a lot of relying on the Documentation for all the troubleshooting, so people will rather direct you to these instead of "taking you by the hand" when trying to provide support. Which often is actually what you need to do.

I had good luck so far in the IRC for support. Maybe it works for you?

@kzimmermann I guess I will try it again this weekend. If I don't success I will join to IRC channel. I think have a BSD worth it.

@kzimmermann Your blog is pretty neat. Do you have a way I can get updates for when new articles come out? Like Rss or atom or something similar?

@Zach777 thanks, man, glad you enjoyed it!

I have an Atom feed here, which you can read via RSS:

I should publish that address somewhere more clear in the page haha... but there it is. I try to post every week or two, there are also a "mini" blog here:

No RSS feed for those (yet).

@kzimmermann When I view the url you linked it gives an error. Also my reader is unable to add it to the feed.Thanks for the url though. I will add it when I can get it to work lol.

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