Like, I'm sure, many of you I hate DRM. The attempts by publishers to prevent the files they distribute online from getting copied. (Though this was also been applied to CDs, DVDs, & even VHS)

The way this impacts me personally is through the peer pressure to enjoy popculture, and DRM ensures that peer pressure extends to proprietary software used to play said media which has shown itself to be untrustworthy.

The best way I know to fight is by pushing alternative entertainment... You?


@alcinnz same here.

You can find alternative ways to obtain said media (youtube-dl, mpv, decrypting, etc), but that only adds more fire to the ongoing fight.

The actual solution is to boycott those media silos and create independent content that by design and philosophy respects user and

That's why I have a channel, doing my tiny part to contribute.

@kzimmermann That's my attitude! I'm doing my bit by serving as a reviewer:

Recently I added a webfeed & teaser!

Also, I do download the YouTube channels I particularly like...

@alcinnz great initiative!

I'll watch your content and grab your feed. This is it, yeah?

Got any other ones, maybe from a blog or something?

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