So today I took a step in and started to host my own (tiny!) server. And the best part: it was much easier than it looked thanks to a clever trick with SSH.

@wholesomedonut thanks! I really enjoyed the process on this one. Once you take the fluff away from Github etc, the protocol and implementation is really bare, and embodies the Unix philosophy.

I should write about my lessons learned from this on my blog!

@metalune hi, I should put a link somewhere in the page more explicitly, but in the meantime, here it is:

Hope it helps!

@kzimmermann awesome, thanks! I really enjoy listening to your podcasts, even tho the audio quality is basically ... well, anus

@metalune haha I'm recording every video here with my earphone mic and only using recordmydesktop for the capture... it lags badly sometimes, but I'd need a few sponsors to get better gear

@kzimmermann I would sponsor you, but it's pretty hard to do because I don't earn any money yet

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