@sl007 why am I getting so many "Microsoft loves Linux" vibes from this...? 😅

@kzimmermann @sl007 well, Microsoft had changed their opinion about open source a long time ago. They now are using it in their own data centers, they also contribute to the Linux kernel. Of course one can easily criticise Microsoft for many things, but - I think - not for their current attitude towards Linux.
@kzimmermann let's hope that they won't use AP in the future. When they would join the Fediverse then they could dictate how the protocol develops. Developers of other projects would be forced by their users to implement stuff, just so their users could stay in contact with users on federated Twitter.

@heluecht soooo true. It would be another case of Embrace Engulf Extinguish of an initially welcoming community :(

May the fediverse not become twitter1

@kzimmermann He's trying to reinvent ActivityPub badly, using blockchains.

@kzimmermann @imgn I hear he has a team working on a round thing to help move vehicles too.

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