What happened to is nothing new, really. Maybe some people remember this...

But no, these organizations just became evil yesterday;)

The thought burning YouTube-dl into tape to pass around for a tape to USB converter sounds bulky and hilarious.
I wanna see the man that does it for
@kzimmermann @jeff

@reef wasn't there someone who said "never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurling down the highway" or something? Gives this a whole new meaning haha

@kzimmermann um, that was me, no joke.
I've never ever underestimated sneakernet, I depend on it.
But I don't see the liberal movement advancing.
The RIAA existing and #IntellectualProperty is what needs to be uprooted, not asynchronous rebellion of sharing free code from network effected people.
Technology will never solve social problems.

@kzimmermann youtube-dl isn’t always used with a malicious purpose though. Some people, myself included, simply want to watch YT videos using as much free software as possible. Sure, Google doesn’t care since they only pretend to care about “open source,” but that still won’t make us use their shitty web page now will it? :aifukkyu:

@q @kzimmermann
I usually extract the audio track from audiobooks. It makes no sense to me to waste resources only to stare at the book's cover for hours.

@q @kzimmermann Also there are those like me who use it to download public television news, which we are allowed to archive.

@q agreed! It's one of the best ways to watch YouTube without the tracking and from a modest computer like a raspberry pi.

@kzimmermann tape trading ! I still got tapes frol these crazy times of discovery and glued stamps 😎🤣

@ArneBab they got taken down from Github due to pressure from RIAA and Google (YouTube).

@kzimmermann And this will not have effect, has there are thousands of copies around the world including, in China, that can’t be accessed by DMCA. youtube-dl allow to download only one time something that could be heard several time, and so reduce energy usage, in a world with limited resources.

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