Time for again.

Hi everyone, I'm kzimmermann, who previously posted under another instance ( but it has gone under lately, so I migrated to @fosstodon

I've been a member of the fediverse since 2014 (!), but only last month decided to get active again.

I'm interested in all things related to and for users and society in general.

I may follow a lot of people at times, but that's because their posts were awesome!

@kzimmermann great to see you here and your support of - enjoy! 🚀👍

@konrad thanks Konrad! This instance is great, and full of other people to share ideas with :linux:

@kzimmermann @fosstodon

Welcome back to #Mastodon 🤓

I moved once. Hope I won't have to move again. But if I have to, it wouldn't be such a bad thing. As long as i can export my stuff, life goes on.

#fediverse 👍


Thanks Evelyn!

Yeah, I guess I should make a note about "backing up" my data here (or something?) regularly lest I be caught in a "homeless" situation again. But I guess this is the beauty of the fediverse: it survives on, even while some instances die. Have a follow!

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