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is a personal right. As much as self-defense is. As much as having curtains, walls and locks on doors is.

Legislators are trying to take that right away from you - do *not* let that happen. Use end-to-end encryption, promote it, teach it, develop it. Here's my part: a command-line symmetric encryption program that is simple to use and secure.

Long live and the right to

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Time for again.

Hi everyone, I'm kzimmermann, who previously posted under another instance ( but it has gone under lately, so I migrated to @fosstodon

I've been a member of the fediverse since 2014 (!), but only last month decided to get active again.

I'm interested in all things related to and for users and society in general.

I may follow a lot of people at times, but that's because their posts were awesome!

Social Network On IPFS PubSub.
Just a lightning fast open source peer-to-peer cross-platform social network that doesn’t sell you out.

#p2p #Social

Privacy using our Tor-inspired onion routing
Search and download torrents with less worries or censorship

#tribler #p2p #torrent

This looks interesting:

"Simple, Secure, and Fast. Peer to peer video calling"

#p2p #decentralized

@happybeing I found this after searching "decentralized github" ;)

Look through all the user's directories and add up the space they are using and make a listing of the results :bash:

du -s * | sort -nr > $HOME/user_space_report.txt

is a good model for software implementation.

-Protection from censorship like decentralized applications (Mastodon, XMPP, etc).

-No need to have specific hardware to host it (you participate while you're online, no need for server, raspberry pi, vps...)

-No need to be "your own sysadmin" to configure and maintain the application (just update the binary).

-Protection against supernodes or crowded instances debalancing the federation (i.e. or

Man, I'm looking at again after so long and it's incredible how much it has developed.

The only "hurdle" I see is that there's no way to make an "index" of mutable content in the way a website would index new pages: by changing the index's content, a new hash would be created.

Does anybody know a way around this? Or is it obvious and I didn't see it...

@kzimmermann Forks of Mastodon such as GlitchSoc allow Markdown.

So, the feature is implemented, but just needs to find its way upstream. (And needs to be liked by instance admins.)

on toots yes or no??

My next assignment has me working with Sharepoint on Internet Explorer.

Fuuuuuck this shit.

drop this in terminal for local weather.


Whoa, is a free and distributed way to make a ? Awesome.

Might open a channel here for my show:

Audio is so small compared to video, so much easier to make as well.

Beg post, financial aid, medicaid cab didn't come again 

Dr appointment is at 11
If I don't leave in a lyft now I won't make it

Driver hasn't called me
I have enough to get there on my own, but not home

I need help
My PayPal is

Boosts appreciated

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