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is a personal right. As much as self-defense is. As much as having curtains, walls and locks on doors is.

Legislators are trying to take that right away from you - do *not* let that happen. Use end-to-end encryption, promote it, teach it, develop it. Here's my part: a command-line symmetric encryption program that is simple to use and secure.

Long live and the right to

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Time for again.

Hi everyone, I'm kzimmermann, who previously posted under another instance ( but it has gone under lately, so I migrated to @fosstodon

I've been a member of the fediverse since 2014 (!), but only last month decided to get active again.

I'm interested in all things related to and for users and society in general.

I may follow a lot of people at times, but that's because their posts were awesome!

@happybeing @kzimmermann

"the problem is business having a legal obligation to put profit above everything else."

Such a powerful and sad statement to have to point out. We're literally living in an alternate reality ... what sane person would ever agree to this type of priority for a society?!

So, just heard the news that users of Minecraft Java Edition will have to sign up for a Microsoft account or lose access to the game.

If you want a FOSS alternative, try checking out @Minetest

You can download it for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and BSD from

You might also want to look at the world-building @illunaminetest and the video-creating @MinetestVideos

For discussing this news, see the thread here:

#Minecraft #MineTest #Microsoft

pretty cool seeing how peertube just reached their fundraising goal. Awesome that debian sponsored them 10 thousand euro's. Peertube might eventually turn into another service that's going to knock a service out my ever shrinking list of required proprietary software.
good news :)

A ban on is a ban on any realistic expectation of online .

Even if you don't know what it means or how it works, guess what: you use it already, and all your security on the Internet is predicated on it: from your banking to your communications.

Do *not* let it be taken away.

Those who oppose #EndToEndEncryption oppose privacy, human rights, personhood, and democracy.

They are not your friends.

They are the ones who want what the Stasi never had: eyes and ears on everyone, all the time.

You lose this battle, you lose it all.

I'm spending less and less time on Twitter and more on mastodon as my connections grow.

Twitter don't help themselves by suspending my general account every other day and asking me to do a Captcha. I can't be bothered, despite 1,500 followers and a history of >130k tweets in 12yrs.

You know a podcast might suck when it says it's about #gnu #linux but instead celebrates some shitty #microsoft CALCULATOR with TELEMETRY in it

Friends don't let friends use GitHub.


With GitHubs recent push for their CLI tool over the the already ubiquitous and understood git CLI and the new certification agenda, I will be migrating and will no longer support or endorse Github.

Don't let GitHub continue to monopolise FOSS and OS communities - Move your hardwork elsewhere.

Hands down the best example of what #peertube can become:)

If you haven't discovered it yet, visit, an edutainment peertube instance which also includes exclusive content not available on YT;)

BOOST TO LET MORE PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT IT! #privacy #education #notforsale #smartyflix

“Police to monitor Victorians with drones on AFL grand final day”

“Victoria Police will take to the sky to monitor those doing the wrong thing on AFL grand final day.

Under current COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne, indoor gatherings are banned.

And no more than two households, up to 10 people, can gather outdoors in public spaces.

Fines ranging between $1600 to almost $5000 apply for breaches.”

More bad shit added to #github in their #walledgarden buildup. From HN:

"Ugh, this has Microsoft's playbook written all over it. Introduce a certification, thus increasing the gap between developers who (had their employee) pay Microsoft and developers that didn't. Conflate a generic concept (Git in this case) with Microsoft's specific implementation (Github), muddying the difference in managers' lexicons. Attempt to set Github as a standard to reach in everyone's mind"

stego - a quick script to share hidden data using

I made a quick script to help people share things inconspicously by slapping additional stuff to the end of innocent-looking JPG files. Not the perfect solution, but hey, it can work around

We are seeing a lot of interest in #selfHosting in the past two days.

As a #freedom advocate, I suggest running your services over #Tor or #I2P.

These are surprsingly easy to setup. The #invisibleInternetProtocol (i2p) includes a #webServer by default, called #Jetty all you need to is change the HTML and toggle the switch to public.

For #filesharing, I2P has #I2PSnark that allows easy creation and #sharing of #torrents, with the #privacy of the #onionRouting protocol.

Use the #NewInternet

"Free temporary (48h) 10GB file hoster. Please use the contact email to the right for info.
We comply strictly with DMCA takedowns but please allow a 48 hour response time." 😂

Did you that founders created a temporary file hosting service designed to share files up to 10GB for 48 hours?

It's called, and there's even an API that allows you do upload things from your terminal using curl. Here's a script to automate it:

Activists Turn Tools Against the Police : « We’re now approaching the technological threshold where the little guys can do it to the big guys » />

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