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Thanks to some wonderful input from the , I'm now accepting donations through my account:

My work is and always will remain free to consume, share and remix. However, if you'd like to support me so I can make more great content here, please sponsor me! Content will come more often and with greater quality.

My previous subscription is about to expire. Looking for suggestions for a new one. My main requirements is that it allows torrent traffic without questions, and that supports OpenVPN / IPSec natively on Linux without the need for stupid "apps." (i.e. I should be able to `openvpn provider.ovpn` and just go).

I'm agnostic about the method of payment: I'm OK with CC. Any suggestions? You may reply with your affiliate links, I'm alright with that.

Facebook comment, via Twitter (ofc) 

The guy got a point here...

Facebook is filtering the wrong shit

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At the heart of your computer is a CPU & some RAM! How do these work to give life to all the software you're running?

Lets start with the fetch-decode-execute loop. Each time a quartz crystal (combined with a digital "latch") oscillates with voltage your computer will load an instruction (or batch thereof) from memory, figure out write that opcode means, then follows that instruction! Before repeating the instruction.


Y'all got any tips for making usable and stuff, like a modern lightweight terminal emulator? I realize I could use Sakura or lxterminal instead, but there is something about the whole rawness of it that calls me.

Or maybe I should be looking into rxvt or the other forks instead?

Please add this on your websites :

<script type="text/javascript">
document.body.textContent = 'Please disable JavaScript to view this site.'

lol I tried to type 'netbooks' but my right hand was one key off to the right, so I ended up with the word 'betviijs'. Might look dutch enough to fool someone. Wonder if it is close enough to a real word though :P

😱 Clearview AI offers an app which customers can use to upload a photograph of someone to try and identify them by checking them against its unlawful database.


Throwback to the time waaaaay back when I wanted to change my Ubuntu desktop's startup sound to that of the Playstation 1.

ngl hearing this still gives me the thrills. So in a way I'm glad I didn't do it back then, otherwise it would've gotten stale pretty quickly.

Gajim 1.4.1 has been released 🚀
Only a week after the release of Gajim 1.4.0, we’re happy to announce Gajim 1.4.1! 🎉 This release brings several fixes for issues you reported to us. Thanks for your feedback!

Do you host your own server on a raspberry pi? How do you deal with non static ip? Is it safe to self-host?
Sorry for dumb questions but that could help us with server charges.
What material do you advice?
Thank you for your contributions.

Hmm, poll options apparently limit the choices to 25-char long. Wonder if it's the same in other clients?

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Can be an alternative to ?

Is still a thing today?

Are there alternatives that - at least - work with HTTPS by default?

Ooh, posting images from in the terminal works nicely, too! :D

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