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Thanks to some wonderful input from the , I'm now accepting donations through my account:

My work is and always will remain free to consume, share and remix. However, if you'd like to support me so I can make more great content here, please sponsor me! Content will come more often and with greater quality.

#GNU poke 1.0 was released today, after 3 years of development! 🎉

Poke is a binary editor, but it’s also a programming language that allows you to define data types and their layout. Sorta like Bytestructures in #Scheme, but on steroid!

Thanks Klaus. Now comes the fun part, #printing and #disributing.

Retail printers can be quite expensive but the #commercialPrinters do things differently, people may be surprised by how affordable they might be to print!

Yes, #qotoDotOrg do seem to have a range of online services on offer, and we are thankful.

@dsfgs @kzimmermann

If we also share the hashtag

#TheYearOfTheFeidverse that may help too

I will share on Twitter LinkedIn and elsewhere later but also include a invite to here.

We are happy to announce that a final version of the #FediFlyer is available.

One place you can access it is at the blog of @zleap here:

Tell your local printer to print at DL size.
We are really thankful to Paul and others who've strived to keep their repos up-to-date. An SVG file is provided for translation and edits, please ask if you intend to change the message. Its CC-SA-Attribution 4.0 Intl' licensed.


@aral found this #smalltech exemplar via HN where it is described as:

"I'm struggling to put my shock into words. I've been around. There's engineering. There's academia. But this falls into straight-up wizardry."

"Everything she does has this level of jaw-dropping amazingness."

Redbean - single-file distributable web server

"redbean can serve 1 million+ gzip encoded responses per second on a cheap personal computer."

What have I learned after using for the first time, coming from Linux?

Have you ever tried an OS that wasn't GNU/Linux after switching? How was the experience?

This is post 6 of my challenge.

Thanks, Cygwin! 

You know, Cygwin doesn't get enough love or attention. I've relied on Cygwin for years to give me access to tools like ssh and scp and all the other utilities that I generally expect a computer to have to be useful. Tools that Windows has never come with (Windows has always been a disappointment). I know I've been using it for over 20 years now. I wouldn't have been as productive on Windows as a developer without it. Long before WSL, there was Cygwin. Thank you, Cygwin devs!

Language/Mental Hack #423

Zealot speculators of crypto-currencies like to call their assets/obsessions "crypto".

It is misleading, as "#crypto" usually means "#cryptography", a useful science! It therefore brings confusion, associating cryptography with the speculative gambling of a few privileged people.

I decided that to balance that, i would only refer to "crypto-currencies" as "currencies", in order to emphasize their monetary/financial nature.

Words matter.


Does anyone know a website that can search for the RAM technology and clock speed of motherboards/chipsets/laptops?

I have some spare chips laying around, and need to know if a certain machine that someone is selling is compatible.

I wonder if Valve would ever release the original Half-Life game/engine's source code. Having an open source CS1 or HLDM game natively supported on Linux would truly kick ass, in a retro way.

Librarians work tirelessly to keep information public, free, and accessible and that is Very cool


We already have XMPP + OMEMO for the text.

For audio only and audio+video, we have SIP + TLS + zRTP (implemented by at least Linphone and Jitsi Desktop).

There is also Tox and Jami, but I do not how strong is the encryption.

What are we waiting for to get rid of #Signal? Do we prefer whine?

When researchers find a flaw in the way #Signal #Signalapp circumvents censorship in Iran (leading to identify its users), their issue get deleted from Signal's Microsoft Github and they get banned from Signal's repository...

..but only because they allegedly violated a "code of conduct" by being "disrespectful"!

Morality is safe! Iranians, maybe not... As long as we don't hear about it, there is no problem, right?

#QuestionSignal #OTF #Iran

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