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Thanks to some wonderful input from the , I'm now accepting donations through my account:

My work is and always will remain free to consume, share and remix. However, if you'd like to support me so I can make more great content here, please sponsor me! Content will come more often and with greater quality.

sometimes is a perspective thing...

Linux User: 3.5GB used? OMG tHiS SyStEm Is So MuCh bLoAt!

> Has 16GB total RAM, mostly unused despite having 20 tabs open in Firefox, office suite and graphical email client and games playing in the background

overheard at work: "a university degree is just a proof of work"

Happy 13th Birthday, !

Celebrate this date reading up a little bit of boomer nostalgia way back from the days of .

Was time to do some cleaning on my desk. I removed some keyboards and added a KVM (USB & HDMI) to allow my #HHKB Pro Hybrid to take control of more computers (5 USB + 4 Bluetooth devices).
Of course they are more computers hidden under the desk 😎

dat feel when it's rainy and you wanted to type 今日雨 but the input selector converts it to 京飴

This is your occasional reminder to encrypt everything. Thumb drives? Encrypted. Storage drives? Encrypted. Websites? HTTPS only. Messengers? E2E encrypted only. Encryption is our most powerful tool to force overzealous government agencies to respect our #privacy.


the ICANN gave .amazon to amazon (the predatory megacorporation) instead of giving it to an organization representing the amazon (the south american rainforest)
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European TImezones dwellers: the first Conference is this weekend!

Pity about the time difference until here... :(

Daily-driving a minimalist, low-resources oriented distro, mostly intended for embedded systems and servers be like...

... at the same time, way more fun than it seems!

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Decided to break my "under 150 MB" rule and try installing Firefox in on this laptop. A testing machine has to undergo tests, after all, right?

Turns out it's really not bad: the firefox package pulls out only three dependencies (!) and browsing fosstodon and peertube runs just under 1GB RAM (890MB or so!)

(Is the package statically linked upon compilation? I suspect so!)

This may not be the best daily driver yet, but it can do the job well - very well, actually!

If has on its advisory board, it can mean one of two things, either:

1. They don’t understand the relationship between wolves and sheep, or,

2. They aren’t really sheep either.

"Your is very important to us!.. it's by exploiting it that we're able to make millions and millions a year." - Every capitalism-based corporation.

Deadline to accept 's new terms of service is tomorrow - will you suck up to it? Make no mistake, there's a whole world of alternatives out there for instant messaging AND video/voice calling over the internet. Check out a few:

Did you know AdBlockPlus makes millions from Google, etc.? They say trackers are “acceptable.”

They also say they don’t take money from Google to unblock them, they only take money from Google because they’re unblocked.

(If that sounds like bullshit to you, well…)

People who say "sequel" instead of "ess-cue-ell" squick me out.
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