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Late Night Blues 

Theoretically, if I don’t have symptoms over the first seven days, I can get a test. If it’s negative, I am free.

But in order to be allowed to do this, I need to have been contacted by the city’s Health Dept. In 5 painstakingly long days, I wasn’t contacted. Let’s hope it changes on Monday.

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Late Night Blues 

I was tested positive for COVID six days ago, and it’s the worst thing that had ever happened to me.

No, not because of the symptoms. I, actually, have none. It’s because of me being locked in for two weeks. I can’t socialize with my roommates (who are out tonight eating pizza), I can’t see my mum, I can’t go for a bicycle ride. Heck, I am technically not even allowed to check my post and take out the trash.

I’ve never felt more alone like I do now.


Neither PayPal nor Payoneer work with Russia any longer, neither for payments nor withdrawal, I can not pay for my servers any longer myself, and also I can not use Patreon to collect donations.

Right now, there's a giant wall separating me from my foreign payments, including my server infrastructure, and my job.


If you want to help keep the lights on in Russian Fediverse community a bit longer, please send any amount of money to the following banking credentials:

Account holder: Hetzner Online GmbH
Bank: Deutsche Bank AG
IBAN: DE92 7607 0012 0750 0077 00

Payment for K1215460315

If you wish to support me PERSONALLY (help me pay utilities, buy food, clothes, etc.), Boosty is still a thing, if you are used to Patreon, you'll feel at home there:

Stay tuned for further info.

I am not a lawyer, but I think this falls under "legitimate interest" when GDPR is concerned. The information being collected is not enough to identify a person and I don't use cookies, so I think the webpage doesn't require a banner...

If you know better than me, let me know in the replies 😅

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The web community has taught me that tracking is bad to an extent where I feel terrible for doing this, but:

I have installed a tracker on my personal webpage 🙈

I tried to make it as ethical as possible:
— it's a tracking pixel, so no JS is being run
— the platform I use (GoatCounter) is open-source
— I only collect browser and OS versions, and the country name
— almost any ad blocker, if enabled, will block it
— all data is public

Another point to be done: make sure you even need custom fonts. In 99% of the cases, you’ll easily get away with whatever the user has set up in their OS/browser 💁‍♂️

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google-webfonts-helper[2] is an incredible tool for this task. It has the whole library of Google Fonts, and you can pick the families and charsets that you need without having to self-host the whole font. The web app will even generate a CSS snippet for you!

[2]: google-webfonts-helper.herokua

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My Mastodon share page toot[1] (I really need a new name…) now doesn’t get its fonts from Google, but self-hosts them (thank to google-webfonts-helper).

If you didn’t know, collects your IP address and browser agent every time you request a font, with no way to opt-out. This even made it to the court in Austria and Germany.

Should’ve done this sooner 😅


What are some good Linux distros for a server, that don't have systemd?

Or rather, is there even a big difference between server-oriented and desktops oriented distros? Or can I just nuke the WM/DE and all is good? :blobcatgoogly:

I used to avoid because it didn't have 64-bit support. I was very happy when it was finally added, and I must say I haven't noticed any problems so far 👍

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The SD card in my got dead, so it wasn't running for a while; just got it back up.

I was using :alpine: before since I thought that smaller distro means faster distro. Turns out it's not that simple! I've installed :raspberrypi: for the first time today and I'm having a much smoother performance with it! Who would've thought 🤷🏻‍♂️

I’ve finished my last exam of this semester and was happy to have a 40-plus-day break. Well, today started with a terrible case of blues 🙄

It’s been 9 hours since I woke up, and I only now feel more or less ready to ‘start’ into the day…

Follow-up question!
In a source code repository, what format should a file containing the release history of the project be in?

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In a source code repository, what should a file containing the release history of the project be called? If you want, elaborate in a reply :)

A thing that irritates me more than it should: and logos are completely different! They are based on the same idea, but TypeScript uses a different font and rounded corners. Just… why? 🙈

Echte Chance für die Datensouveränität! Ich habe gezeichnet.

Mit der Petition wird eine Stärkung der digitalen Souveränität durch ein Digitalisierungsgesetz, welches Open Source für alle öffentlichen IT-Projekte verbindlich festlegt, gefordert.

:BoostOK: #followerpower

TIL that uBlock Origin can also strip parameters from URLs. A great application of this is the ‘Actually Legitimate URL Shortener Tool’: a filter list that removes all tracking tags from the URLs you visit!

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