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Found out about the existence of a very old account which I didn't use for ages. But deleting said account is not that easy of a task. There is no "delete account" button anywhere; one should find a relatable help page, chat with a bot, receive a Zendesk email saying "Perhaps the help page will assist you", and then receive a message each day saying "Sorry, we're overloaded!"

Deleting an account should be possible in two clicks and definitely not involve actual people 🤦🏻‍♂️

Another improvement: I replaced developer tools, so that they are quick to install and execute!

Next priority: inlining `is-unicode-supported`, since it takes a third of the install size for a single function

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`log-symbols`, a very popular library for terminal symbols, has 7 dependencies and install size of 106 kB.

I literally replaced three lines of code and got it to 2 dependencies and 15 kB install size.

Replace `log-symbols` with `nanosymbols` in your code today!

Can't say no to shopping on Amazon yet? Use AmazonSmile and support public organizations!

I live in Germany, and 0.5% of my Amazon purchases go to @codeberg 🎉

Folks, I need your help tracking down a Wikipedia article.

You know these four colours that are being used in UIs: red for danger, yellow for warning, green for success, and blue for info. I remember there was an article talking about exact RGB values for those colours that convey these meanings best. I think there was a connected research on that. This four-colour palette definitely had a distinct name.

Does anybody recognize this and could help me find the article?


Another day, another bit about IKEA furniture being too complicated to assemble. I have seen quite a number of these in the US films, TV, and online content.

What's up with that? Do a lot of Americans really struggle with building IKEA furniture? 🤔 I can't quite wrap my head around it, since IKEA (love it or hate it) has IMO the most practical and elegant approach to furniture packaging, transport, and assembly

If you have a custom domain email, do you have all of your accounts linked to it? I just realized, that having as my account email for the domain registrar of is not the best idea... Like, what if in a series of unfortunate events I lose access to my email and registrar at the same time? 🤔

I use Keyoxide, developed by @yarmo.

• it’s fully open-source and can be self-hosted
• it relies on already existent OpenPGP identity proofs via notations — your identities never leave your OpenPGP key
• as such, one doesn’t need an account
• one can verify XMPP, IRC, Mastodon, Pleroma, Owncast, etc. New proofs are easy to implement

My favourite feature is the ability to use WKD to be able to use email addresses instead of fingerprints, like

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Many are using Keybase to prove their identity across various services. However, it is by far not the best choice for this:

• it tries to get hold of your private OpenPGP key, which is just wrong
• it was acquired by Zoom in 2020 and hasn’t posted updates ever since
• it doesn’t have proofs for Gitea, IRC, XMPP, and other fedi services
• its server is not open-sourced

If you don’t use Keybase for their messengers, file storage or Stellar, don’t use it at all! Check next toot for an alternative

Welcome back, I guess 🤷‍♂️

Long story short, I didn't like my nickname, and thus I am updating it... everywhere I can, basically.

Say goodbye to @NickKaramoff and say hello to @kytta ^^


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