iPhone users:
A friend of mine got herself an iPhone 13 and thinks about getting a protective glass for the camera. Anyone here who can recommend or advise against it? Is there a need for one, does it peel off nicely, do the photos look different?

P. S. Please no "apple bad" replies :D

@kytta It's been pretty good for me; I've gone through two of them in the last year and a half.

@kytta Ok, no "apple bad". What about "apple overpriced"? 😂

@birnim still, this doesn't answer my question 🤷🏻‍♂️

birnim, Apple is overpriced but I'd rather pay for a computer that works and treats me like a decent human being than struggle with Windows or Linux

@kytta The glass on the camera's is very strong. I've never used protective glass on it, never seen a scratch.

Get a silicon sleeve where the camera lens is submerged. That also protects when dropping.

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