Yesterday I had the joy of installing Fedora (dual-boot) on my work PC. And oh boy, did Linux come a long way!

First, I don’t quite understand why people dislike the Fedora installer. All went pretty smooth, and the installer immediately recognized my free space and created the needed partitions. GRUB also plays pretty good with Windows.

Second, I think I’m in love with GNOME 40+. The snappiness, the style, the default app set are incredible. I was amazed how I literally didn’t have to install anything extra to do my job (which, to be fair, is basically RDP’ing into Windows machines and connecting to SMB shares).

Third, GNOME Software is a blessing. I didn’t have to use command line at all to install all software I needed: either from RPM or from Flatpak. The same goes for update from 35 to 36 (my ISO was a bit old), which went incredibly smooth.

Another cool thing was me being able to replicate my home environment with chezmoi [1] — I love this piece of software so much!

All in all, my work PC is now snappier, more beautiful, and a blessing to use. Seriously, give Fedora a try; it’s the Ubuntu of the 2020s.


@kytta piping curl into sh... especially a non-https one. Why are people still doing this.

@Anachron it's basically HTTPS: if you try to request the HTTP version, it'll auto-redirect. Also, one doesn't have to pipe the script if one doesn't trust it, there are many other ways to use this software

@kytta I know,- it just shows newcomers that this is something everybody does and it is supposed to be secure. But its not. It's dangerous and people should stop advertising it.

Imagine some website is hacked and people install packages this way only.

Nobody would recognize that their system is compromised.

We have a reason for package managers.

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