I have used up all my data plan for this month, so my speed is capped at 64 Kbps.

This is a friendly reminder to all web developers: Keep your bundle sizes small, only ship what you need, compress your images, YOU DON'T NEED REACT IN YOUR F-ING BLOG, test your sites on slow connections and slow phones.

You using a Galaxy S22 Ultra with an unlimited 5G plan doesn't mean everyone else does too.

BTW, another reason to choose Mastodon over Twitter. The toot above took like 2 seconds to post, whether a (shorter) tweet would take a minute to be posted (if it even could be posted without failing with a network error) 🤷‍♂️

@kytta Get an unlimited data plan as well 😉 But true, megabytes for a few kilobytes of text 🙄

@kytta But seriously, an unlimited data plan is nice, even if you're not using that much data. I use like 10 GB max per month, but it's nice to have a fallback should my VDSL have problems. And I can endlessly watch videos on train travels.

@jle @kytta prices depend on wherever you live. It’s pretty expensive in Germany for example

@pabloitse I know, living in Germany myself and paying 45€ per month for mobile + VDSL and that's already with combi discounts etc.

@jle @kytta That’s like paying out of pocket for other people’s bad choices though.

But also you can’t change everyone.

@ru @kytta Yeah. When I still had a dataplan for 100 MB per month (yeah, 100 MB not GB!), I always used Opera Mini, which helped a lot. Unfortunately Opera is now owned by some Chinese.

@jle you know I am a student living in Germany, how do you expect me to afford an unlimited plan? 😂😂

@kytta There are some deals sometimes with 10 Mbits for 15 Euro per month.

@kytta But yeah, I don't understand why those plans are so expensive here. 🙄

@jle @kytta But then you are stuck with O2 and won't get any reception anywhere

@waweic o2 isn't as bad as many people tell. The coverage improved a lot. Speed is another thing though.

@jle In rural areas, O2 definitely has a lot worse reception. I was using WhatsappSIM for far too long

@waweic It really depends on the region which provider has the best reception.

@kytta crackhead conspiracy theory alert: maybe the phone manufacturers pay social media devs to make them send more data than possibly needed just to slow them down and get people to pay for more data


How do the phone manufacturers get anything from using more data? You mean the service providers I guess, but they aren't the same people that make the phones, or at least it's not here.


@sotolf @mjdxp @kytta the same thing works for phone manufacturers as well since apps are getting harder and harder to run without making the experience any better so you have to buy a new phone to do what you could do with your old phone


I haven't really found that to be an issue for me personally, I'm using a really cheap phone that was probably years behind when I got it over a year ago, and I haven't seen many issues.

@mjdxp @kytta

@sotolf @mjdxp @kytta really depends on what apps you use but Instagram for example is unusable on a lot of older devices (it's not good even on the newest ones)


Well, the problem is that you're trying to use instagram in the first place :p

@mjdxp @kytta

@sotolf @mjdxp @kytta I have uninstalled it and using it occasionally as a web app (even worse experience) but I can't fully get rid of it since I have a lot of friends that rely on it


Yeah, kind of like what's app is for me, I don't really like it much, but I'd rather communicate with people I know than using a better messenger.

@mjdxp @kytta

@kytta I get 2gb per day.

But that doesn't seem enough, cause somebody thought it is okay to put 10mb of javascript for just 500words of blog post.

@kytta Amazing how effective basic caching, compression, and minifying code can be.

this this this this this this!

Case and point: Twitter.
When they introduced the "Top Tweets" thing in 2019, I wanted a small extension to automagically change it back to Latest, so I had a look-see at the markup the app serves and fuck me if that absolute clusterfuck of a ratsnest of unreadable html, the three dozen+ JS modules & their dependencies isn't everything wrong with webdev in the rawring 2020s.

Loading the twitter front-page is an 8MB transfer *without* any of the media. 😅

> Keep your bundle sizes small

You mostly don't need JS in the first place. You definitely don't need any for a blog, unless you're doing interactive WebGL animations explaining how things work.

@kytta I have even have only a 3GB Plan and that's enough. 😁

Login into WLAN wherever is possible and make use of offline reading, that's another Option. 😉

@kranzkrone I have 1 GB, and I usually barely use the half of it. This month, however, I had some stuff come up where I didn't have access to any Internet other than LTE 😅

Offline reading is fine, but I rarely know in advance what I'm going to want to read

@kytta sound a lot like my use case. Good to know that there are still other People like me. 😉

Most of the Time I use around 1-2GB of my Plan, because i like to have my Music and Podcast locally on the Device instead of using Streaming.

I don't like Streaming, not matter if Music or Podcast or Video.

@kytta YELLING AT OTHERS IS VERY IMPOLITE AND NOT WELCOME HERE! In addition, it does not bring you more data volume or a faster connection. @kranzkrone

@sven whoa, chill. I was just trying to bring a point across; a point, that just makes me angry. I wasn't attacking any person in particular. Also, yelling back is never a solution 😇

@kytta I didn't mean to yell back, but make you realize that it's not a comfortable feeling. You always achieve more with your counterpart if you argue in a friendly and factual manner. "Fuc*ing..." doesn't do anyone any good.

@sven @kytta he didn't yelled, in my Opinion. 🤔

He has a good Point on a Subject.

@kranzkrone I understand his position, but I also think that scolding and blaming a vague group does no one any good. I might react too quickly to continuous capitalization. I think that's yelling and that's rude. @kytta

@kytta Open source can help. 🙂 Most actions that improve privacy will also save data.

Use rather than , which is just a data-hoovering vehicle for Google.

Install the following plugins:
* uBlock Origin (get the name exactly right)
* Either Privacy Badger or Ghostery
* Decentraleyes

They all cut down on unwanted tracking and/advertising.

Finally, install another app: either Blokada or TrackerControl, which reduce tracking and ads in the OS and in apps other than the browser.

@markusl oh, I can't imagine how much more data I would use if I didn't have all this installed 😅😅


I used NoScript for years, and it certainly improves security, but you have to be both knowledgable and dedicated to stick with it. The add-ons I recommended here are more or less set-and-forget. However, if you want really granular control then, yes, NoScript is the way to go, and I see that it's available for Firefox on Android.


@markusl @kytta I use it all the time have set it to blacklist everything, it has made the Web so much nicer, sure its a bit annoying to get enough whitelisted to open shitty pages, but well I mostly don't use too many of them :p

@sotolf my uBlock Matrix whitelist is much better curated than my bookmarks list. 😁
@markusl @kytta

@fedops @markusl @kytta

I'm kind of embarrassed, I never got the hang of bookmarks, I just remember URLs instead :p

@sotolf Again, I used uBlock Matrix for years, but it's no longer supported, which — presumably — means that its blocklists are no longer updated?

@fedops @kytta

mild language 

@sotolf I use NoScript, bit it's a pain in the ass sometimes.

mild language 

@me it is, but most of the time it's wonderful, I forgot how slow the normal net was when I used the browser on a colleague's pc :p

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